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Note to self … and oops … Stash!!

Note to self …

“Do NOT watch Big Brother again this week until their weekly task is completed, finished, done and dusted, all over red rover!! If you DO watch Big Brother your heart will begin pounding as though it will burst out of your chest, and you will have cold sweats, crawling skin, and general heeby-jeebies for hours afterwards … just like you did last night!!!”

What am I waffling on about??  Well, I switched the TV on for the first time this week last night to watch Big Brother … only to be confronted by bl**dy great visions of arachnids (ie Huntsman and wolf spiders etc … and if you feel keen please go Google their names yourself, ‘cos I don’t feel like having their piccies sitting on my computer screen right now) as full as life filling the TV screen – I nearly died there and then on the spot!  It’s been a long time since I had to put my hands up to cover my face from what is on TV, but I just couldn’t bear to watch it anymore.  I ended up turning away and just listening to it … their task this week is to enter the ‘spider enclosure’ of which they reckon there are at least 50 bl**dy great spiders in there, and they have to catch some as part of their task.  I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it again!!  Aaaaarghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, that brings me to something else I’ve been meaning to blog about, and keep forgetting – the good news is that I’ve finally booked in to see a therapist towards the end of August (a hypnotherapy doctor) about my severe arachnaphobia.  It sounds like I may need more than one session, and at $230 a pop that’s not great, but if it works it’ll be worth every red cent!!  The great thing about not paying rent right now is that it’s giving me chance to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, and just couldn’t afford it … this is going to be soooooo worth it if it works!!!

That’s all I wanted to say really … still not really in blogging mood yet – and still have more packing up to do, so time to go do it before I settle in for the night.  At least it was my final 5am shift today so I get an extra 2 hours sleep in tomorrow woohoo!!  I only have 4 sleeps left here, so I also need to start thinking of getting the bedding etc washed and ironed and all the rest of the housework done.  I only have my 8am shift tomorrow, then an overnight shift on Sunday (9pm-5am), then I’m on days off for 4 days yippee 😀


Updated to add … I also forgot to mention that I got stash in the mail today!!  Yes, that’s right I’m on the 50 project challenge, and I’m not allowed to buy any charts … if you don’t tell anyone, I won’t! Well, I was rebellious two weeks ago and ordered a couple of things before I go back on my stash diet again.  The only thing that made me do it is that I was really keen to get Just Nan’s Queen’s Bluebird Box, and I saw it was out of stock already at one of the ONS’s … I figure if I was ever going to get it, now was the time.  As it is I’ve missed out on my all-time favourite Au Fil de Reves designs because they’re no longer in print after dickering for a couple of years whether to fork out and buy the kits … so I wasn’t gonna do the same thing this time!  (In actual fact I splurged and ordered two of the AFDR kits from Criss Cross Row in a panic as soon as I heard the news they were going out of print, but they’ve never sent the goods, and are not replying to my emails – and my order went through in February hmmm.) I’ve only bought the chart and finishing kit for the Bluebird box (doncha just LUV that little blue bird?? LOL), ‘cos I couldn’t justify the extra money to buy the silk kit … I may just have to see which colours are needed and buy a few at a time, as well as raiding my existing stash … I have to say I think US$75 for the silk kit that is just “cut to the correct length” is pretty exorbitant … it’d be interesting to see how much it would work out to buy a full skein of each hmmm…

queens-bluebird-box-cover 5-29-05c-0109-combo

Of course I had to justify the cost of postage for the Just Nan box, and also bought the Trick or Treat Box by Just Nan as well … won’t they look cute in a cabinet together??  Yeah, yeah, OK, I’m just justifying to myself it was a good buy! haha.  Oops I just remembered the Just Nan Octagonal Peacock needlecase is also on back order, so I’d better go add another 4 (not 3) charts to my 50 project challenge.  Hmmm, maybe I should just give up now!! 😉


The 4th thing I bought was something I’ve been yearning for dearly for a few years as well – I ordered it two years ago from SB&B, but they refunded my money for that chart, and I assumed it was because it was no longer available or in print (they never contact me and let me know why … I just got a PayPal receipt saying you’ve been given money back!) – I’ve been searching Ebay for a while to no avail … and one day recently I stumbled across their website, and saw they take orders directly … and I’m now the very proud owner of this chart, Gazelle, by Simply Old-Fashioned.  I also received a 15% off voucher for the next 10 purchases from them, and a very personalised packaging and note … I have to say I was very very impressed with their service!  I can now stitch this one to be a matching pair with my ‘giraffe’ that I’ve already stitched (it’s actually the Zebra chart, but for some reason I always thought it was a giraffe … can you say blonde and mentally challenged?? LOL).  Here’s the new chart, and my stitched ‘giraffe’:

gazelle Zebra - Ever So Little #8 chart

12 thoughts on “Note to self … and oops … Stash!!”

  1. Yeah Big Brother avoidance has been a priority for me this week. I was lucky enough to stumble across the BB website and see this weeks task before the freaking great spiders on TV gave me nightmares for a week.

    I guess you’d be another one who skips the Shelob scenes in LOTR :grin.

  2. You have gotten some very nice stash! I’m surprised that they still had the JN Trick or Treat box 🙂

    Regarding Criss Cross Row…I have read that the owner has been dealing with an illness in the family (Items of Interest on their website) since January. I would try contacting them again.

  3. I meant to say, regarding the threads for the Bluebird Box, I have to agree that is an expensive thread kit – I’m going to get them in whole skeins, and have some nice leftovers!

  4. Hiya, Anne!
    I’m LOL, as I treated myself to the JN TrickOrTreat box kit also! It was a bit pricey IMO, but after I got it and went through everything, I realized that it was worth every penny.
    Maybe we should have a JN TOTbox SAL sometime? (not right now, though; I’m trying to finish an EGA GCC Fantasy Remembered to mail for Sept. 1st due date)
    –Lynn B in southern New Jersey USA, from CyberStitchers EGA

  5. Good for you to buy these nice kits, I have hummed and haaed about the trick or treat box for maybe year(s) now and I now of course love the bluebird one too. I might follow your example and just go ahead :-))

    Have a lovely weekend Anne

  6. Ohh, I succumbed to the bluebird box, silk threads and all! I still feel very naughty, but isn’t it just amazing?

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