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A great visit and a tagging

First of all, I have to say a huge “Hi” and thank you to Tannia for being such a wonderful hostess with the mostest last Sunday (crikey, I can’t believe it was a whole week ago today as well – time flies when you’re having fun!) … it was lovely to finally put a face to the name and meet for the first time!  It was also really lovely to put faces to the other guests as well – it was great to meet Mel and Junette also for the first time (thanks Mel for mentioning the link on Tannia’s blog, as I now have another great blog to read!), and of course Tannia’s other half – it was great to spend time with wonderful ladies (and gents) and wonderful company, and I certainly hope this will be the first of many visits 😀

I got spoilt rotten by both Mel and Tannia – Mel kindly brought some unloved stash along, and we got to choose any items from the piles that we’d like to give a good home … I came home with two items from my wishlist – a Beyond XS chart by The Victoria Sampler (level 3, number 4 – blackwork … and yes, Mum, I know you’re going to want that one too ‘cos it’s a Christmas one!! haha), and Hummingbird by Elizabeth’s Designs … woohoo!  Thanks again Mel for sharing with us – I’d actually meant to do the same thing myself, and forgot to take the bag into work with me … hopefully next time we meet again I’ll remember, and I can return the favour!!

Tannia spoilt me by giving me an absolutely gorgeous fob she’d stitched … I’d actually been drooling over it as it was sitting on display on the set of drawers in the lounge, as it is stitched in one of my all-time favourite threads (an Anchor variegated one) … I was absolutely stunned when Tannia handed it over to me saying it was for me – thanks again Tannia, I really adore it, and it was on a pair of scissors within hours the next day.  Here are photos of the front and back so you too can now drool, if you haven’t already seen it on Tannia’s blog 😀



I went to the get-together straight from work after a 5am shift, which I normally don’t do because I’m not usually the perkiest person to be around – but I really didn’t want to pass up the opportunity of meeting this great bunch of ladies, so I’m glad I made the effort.  All-in-all Melbourne is becoming an even friendlier place all the time – I’ve truly met some wonderful ladies through the blogs from within my own city, and it brings an extra glimmer of warmth to living here 😀

Onto other things … I got a shock when I logged into WordPress today and saw the “hair” photo for the Photo Hunt … I’d forgotten that I’d already set up a couple of months worth of Photo Hunt photos in case I couldn’t get to an internet connection in advance.  I can’t remember which themes are coming up, or what photos I selected, so it’s as much of a surprise for me as it is for you at the moment LOL.

Now, before I forget, I have to apologise to Georgie for not posting about this earlier – unfortunately I got tagged while I was in the middle of packing up etc, and the timing wasn’t great, but I still like to complete the tags when I get them, so here’s my response albeit a month late!!

Here’s how to play:
1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves
2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules
3. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. In my teen years I used to have dozens of penpals, after advertising for one in a UK magazine (but unfortunately don’t keep in touch with any of them now)
2. I dislike babies and have absolutely no urge to pick one up and cuddle … but once they turn into little terrors (or ‘real people’ as I call it) at the age of 2, I’m happy to spend time with them (I definitely don’t take after Mum, who will happily cuddle any baby regardless of who it belongs to)
3. I love walking around in bare feet – which is probably why I now have very wide, hard-to-buy-shoes-for feet!
4. I used to be the Editor of a Car Club magazine for post-war vintage cars (the Armstrong-Siddeley Car Club)
5. I love trying new foods – and love almost every cuisine … just don’t serve me up boiled limp cabbage or octopus tentacles, and we’ll all be happy (they’re pretty much the only things that leave me cold … although with the exception of kidneys and liver, I can’t say I’m too keen to eat offal such as tripe etc … gag …)
6. I sponsored a child in Sri Lanka before they closed the project down, then sponsored a child in South America for a few years – the only reason I stopped is because I moved here and couldn’t afford to keep it up … I still have regrets and wonder how Aline is doing now …
7. I love nothing better than curling up in front of a DVD (or preferably more than one) with my stitching … and have a DVD player that has slots for 5 DVD’s at once … it’s not unusual for me to work my way through all 5 in one marathon stitching session 😉
8. I used to work behind the Bar of the Marist Brothers Old Boys Rugby Football Club in Auckland, and met a few of the All Blacks because of … including a memorable session of dancing behind the bar with ZinZan Brooke after an all-nighter when our senior team won the championship

Rightio, I think that’ll do it for now … I may have already said a few of those things, I can’t remember … and I won’t bother tagging anyone as I think I’m the last person on the planet not to have completed it (especially as I got tagged back on 11 May!!).

I’m also super behind with the SBQ’s again, with I think about 4 questions outstanding, but I’ll save those for another day, as I think I’ve waffled on enough again 😀  Now I might pop over and do some internet banking while I still have a connection, then with luck I may get chance to check out a couple of blogs … I apologise though that I may not be commenting, as I notice there are currently 911 unread feeds yikes!!

17 thoughts on “A great visit and a tagging”

  1. Great to see you back online again, Anne…. there’s always so much to do when you get a new computer, all that copying and so on, I’m about to go throught it myself next weekend. Re the mail problem, if you have Windows Vista, I think you get Windows Mail automatically instead of Outlook. I found this link, which I hope may be useful:

    I’m envious that you’re going to house sit with cats!

  2. The fob Tannia stitched for you is lovely, Anne. I really enjoyed meeting you at our little GTG, and I hope we can have another soon…. maybe one where we actually (gasp!) do some stitching 😀

  3. What a beautiful little gift! It sounds like your GTG was wonderful. I keep hoping to meet other bloggers here on my side of the pond, but it has yet to happen…..

    I think those “8 things” lists are great fun. I love reading little tidbits about my online friends!

  4. It’s my pleasureAnne – I so loved finally meeting you 🙂 Please let me know when you’re free to catch up again – especially as you’re sooooo close 🙂 (You ARE close aren’t you?)

  5. Love your new blue fob, Anne! Sounds like your gtg was a great success. You definitely deserve a little fun, no a LOT of fun! 😀

  6. Great to hear from you Anne. Glad you had such a nice time with Tannia and I can see why you would love the fob she made for your.

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