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It’s Official – I have a moving date!

Well, I ‘kinda’ have a moving date in mind, but I need to see if I can get the time off work first, and organise a truck etc.  But what IS official, is that I handed my notice into the real estate agent today and gave my month’s notice.  I officially hand back the keys on 4 June … yikes!  It’s all really happening now! 😀  And the real estate agent is going to give me a glowing reference, and says she doesn’t blame me for wanting to get out so badly.

Thanks to Tannia and a work colleague, I’ll be picking up some free packing boxes from Kensington (just have to work out where the heck that is yet haha) on Wednesday at 5pm, then it’s all on for young and old.  I have so much ‘rubbish’ to sort through before I start packing, though, but at least I can start packing things like my DVD’s and books straightaway.  Just spent another 2 hours yapping to Mum on the phone, and I actually feel quite excited in some ways that it’s all happening … then I feel a bit melancholic … then I feel excited again … what a nutter!  And Mum is hoping to come over and give me a hand if she can get her passport renewed in time this week – if nothing else it will be really nice to have the company, as well as the spare set of hands for packing.  I don’t know what I’d do without my Mum, bless her! 😀

I did say to Mum, though, I just walked across the room into the corner where the worst cracks are, and it feels as though the whole floor is on a slope now … that was a bit freaky!  I’ve decided I don’t need to get outside for exercise, I just need to walk up and down my lounge room for a bit 😉

And what do you think is the first thing we discussed about what I’d need to take with me in the car, not in storage?  Yep, you guessed it … my stitching.  Even though I’m not really motivated to stitch right now, that’s the first thing I’ve started planning for my travelling kit LOL.

Rightio, no more time to chat – time to start doing a bit of work for an hour or so … I’m not doing much lifting etc until my back’s fixed, but that’s only 24 hours away now woohoo, then it’s all systems go! 😀

Thanks once again for all your words of love and support – they all mean a heck of a lot to me.  I’m really sorry that I can’t spend much time returning the visits for a short while, but I’m sure you understand why 😀

OK, I’m off to start in the spare bedroom, which is the biggest tip – I think it’ll take me an entire week just sorting that one room out LOL.

17 thoughts on “It’s Official – I have a moving date!”

  1. I am sooo glad that you are definitely moving. I’ve just read your last couple of posts and those pictures show a scarey scene. I wonder whether the cold drafts have anything to do with your back being so bad? I know I get a really bad neck if I sit in a draft for more than a few minutes.

    Good luck with the packing. Will miss you when you’re not posting every day.

    Just one other thing, I know you’re really busy but could I possibly join the RAK registry? There are a few people I would like to RAK but I don’t have addresses for them and actually asking them for their address spoils the surprise doesn’t it.

  2. I just left a comment but it seems to have vanished into cyberspace! I was wishing you good luck with your move and am really horrified to see the full extent of those cracks – that is so scarey.

    Only one day now until you get your back sorted out. I was wondering if sitting in a draft at home is causing this to happen? i get a really stiff neck if i sit in a draft for more than a couple of minutes.

    Also, I wondered if it would be possible for me to join the RAk registery as there are a couple of people I would like to RAK.

    If this comment appears twice now, I’m sorry :o)

  3. Good Luck Anne…it is my sincere hope that once leaving your current home the bad “karma” will be left behind and only green fields and sunshine await you!

  4. I’m so glad you’ve made the decision to hand in your notice. I’m sure it was difficult, but after seeing the pictures of all those terrible cracks, I’m also sure it was the right one. I’m so glad your Mum will be there to give you some support with your move. We’ll be here to give you some cheering on!

  5. Anne, I’ve just realized that I never let you know that I received the package you sent me! I got it about two weeks ago, and I meant to e-mail you to let you know it got here safely. I’m so glad you’re getting out of that hell-hole apartment, and I hope that things will be less stressful for you once you’ve moved. I know moving is stressful, too, but when you’re having nightmares about your house collapsing around you (and the dreams aren’t far from reality…) well, then it’s time to move! I think you made a great decision. Take care.

  6. Anne, good luck with the packing and moving. I recently culled my house in preparation for selling it in the next year and my brother made about $30 selling the stuff at a flea market on Saturday. Your current digs sound so unsafe and the stress of worrying about the roof falling in must be terrible.

  7. Sometimes making the decision is the hardest part, and now that is done. The packing and moving won’t be easy, but hang in there! It sounds like it is all coming together.

  8. I’m glad to hear you’ll soon have your nerve attended to. I’ve been worrying about you with everything going on, and serious physical pain to contend with, too.

    Take care!!!

  9. Best of luck with your move and hope you settle into the new place quickly. Great that your mum will be helping you – what would we do without our mums? 🙂

  10. Good luck with the packing and the subsequent move. I’m sure everything will go ok. You definitely do NOT want to put your stitching into storage, cos if you do, you’ll want it.

  11. Anne, Best of luck in your move! I know you’ll find the new place a refreshing new start. Hopefully, the stitching will come out of storage sooner than later and you’ll see it like a whole new spread of stash!! LOL Sending good wishes and auras of health for your back… Hugs, Deb

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