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Christmas is finally here

Well, maybe not Christmas itself, but the Christmas ornie SAL is here anyway … I’ve finally managed to get an ornie stitched up … in fact TWO ornies to make up for lost time (I’m only a week late!). I managed to hit these out in 5 1/2 hours today while listening to an Audible book – I’m tempted to try put the starting stitches into one more, but I’ll see how I feel once I’ve cooked dinner. It was annoying that both of these charts had minor errors in them … which I only found out later, so both ornies had a small amount of frog-stitching hmmmm. 

Cardinal Snowflake by The Victoria Sampler
from 2004 JCS Christmas ornie magazine
Stitched on 28ct Kiwi Illusions Jubliee in Alpine Spring (Countrystitch)
using my substitute threads from my stash
(this is such a teeny little ornie – very cute!)

Merry Christmas by Glory Bee
from 2003 JCS Christmas ornie magazine
Stitched on 28ct mystery evenweave
using recommended threads except substituting Crescent Colors Toasted Marshmallow for GAST Porcelain

I managed to trap a nerve in my shoulder blade during the night two nights ago, and I must have aggravated it doing so much stitching yesterday so I had a bad night’s sleep last night thanks to it … perhaps it’ll do me good to have a relaxing night with a break from the needles … but maybe not 😉

Thanks for all your wonderful comments as always – your visits and words are always very much appreciated 🙂

15 thoughts on “Christmas is finally here”

  1. Very nice ornament finishes, Anne! Did you manage to catch up with Jenna?

  2. Very cute ornies, Anne! I know the pain of that little trapped nerve ending in the shoulder area!! Yeouch! I hope it moves away soon and you’re free of pain. The best way I’ve found to help is a very warm shower and stretching, believe it or not. It’s not something you really want to do, but it does help, Anne. I’m thinking of you…
    Hugs, Deb

  3. Great ornaments! I especially love the photo of the second one. I will have to try that angle sometime.

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