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Come in EGM, your time is up!

Yippee, I finally finished my 10 hours rotation slot with Egyptian Garden Mandala – I struggled at the beginning working on this, but I have to admit today I really enjoyed the stitching, and finally found my needles getting momentum again.  Hopefully that’ll continue for a while as I pick up my next pieces.  Here are my before and after photos, mainly for my own motivation – I feel as though I haven’t achieved much over these 10 hours of stitching, so this serves as a reminder that there really is some progress 🙂

I was originally thinking of doing some ornie stitching for the rest of today, but I don’t have anything kitted up, so I think I may pick up Bordeaux and do my week’s stitching on it a day early … I’m really keen to finish off this band, and seeing as I’m on days off I thought I’d spend some decent time on it and meet that goal … hopefully.  Then tonight I’ll start kitting up some small ornies that are quick to stitch, ready to pick up over the next couple of days – I’ve missed the last two months of the Christmas Ornie SAL, so I need to catch up, or before I know it it’ll be November and I’ll have nothing stitched!

12 thoughts on “Come in EGM, your time is up!”

  1. It’s looking beautiful Anne! I find that it takes me a while to get into some pieces but once I get going, I get into a rhythm and I’m away!

  2. Hey Anne, I can *so* relate to your concern about the Christmas Ornament weekends slipping by!! I so wanted to do something spontaneous yesterday but the time just keeps going faster and faster.

    Your EGM is stunning – and it looks to me like you’ve accomplished a lot in just 10 hours!!

  3. The colours are just amazing in this piece. Those blues are outstanding! Is there a particular spot where you are envisioning where this is going to take a place of honour when finished?

  4. You really did a lot with EGM this time. Especially considering that Chatelaine projects are usually deceptive in how long they can take and how intricate the stitching can be.

  5. P.S. I’ve missed every ornie weekend this year so far. I have a lot to make up for! Maybe my next travel projects will be ornies for a while. LOL

  6. EGM looks beautiful – you made a lot of progress. Martina’s pieces are sort of deceiving that you stitch a long time and I never feel like I get anywhere – then, boom – you’ve finished a part! Can’t wait to see Bordeaux.

  7. Ooooh that’s fabulous Anne…well, all your work is, but the colours on this appeal very much to me. BTW, I left a message on your “For Sale/Trade” thingy about the violin X stitch kit….do you still want to get rid of that one?

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