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PhotoHunt – Steps


Yet again, ‘something I prepared earlier’ … (I truly love WordPress for this feature!!)

This week’s theme is Steps … I wish I had all my photos here from my last big overseas trip to Greece, as I had some wonderful shots of steps in Santorini, snaking all the way up the side of the island, but alas I don’t so I had to find something else. In the end I came up with these …

First up is Zoser’s Step Pyramid … built by Imhotep, the Pharaoh’s chief architect in the 27th century BC, it was the largest stone structure ever built. And what better way to show “steps” than with a “step pyramid”? Excuse the black edges – whenever I try to scan a printed photo out of my photo albums I can never seem to crop it correctly on the scanner mutter mutter mutter.

Next up I stayed with the Egyptian theme … and the pyramids … but this time it’s an inside shot of one of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Apparently there are about 97 pyramids in total in Egypt, and the three Great Pyramids were the mortuary complexes of Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus (aka Khufu, Khefre, and Menkaure), who were father, son and grandson. Going inside is definitely not for the claustrophobic, but it was an absolutely mind-blowing experience … I just remember standing at the bottom, underground, and feeling an incredible sense of awe being inside something of such historical worth … it was just an exceptional feeling, even though there is really nothing to see down there! Definitely one of the personal highlights of my life so far!

And now for something completely different …

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5 thoughts on “PhotoHunt – Steps”

  1. Hey Anne, are you surprised to hear that I got the same thing when I took the test? We should definately get together! LOL!

  2. It makes me want to go to Egypt! Two friends have been there this week, and I have been thinking about them enviously all week. I hope you’re feeling a bit better now, I’ve been thinking of you – I wish you weren’t so far away, your Parisian friends would like to be able to cheer you up a bit, with the great sunshine here, and a nice lunch on a terrace!

  3. We were in Santorini last summer during a cruise. Although it was only a day stop, it still remains one of my favorite places we stopped at. My husband bought me a silver spiral necklace that I wear a lot and it reminds me of that lovely Greek isle.

    I hope looking at these pictures and remembering all the wonderful places that you have seen in your life will cheer you up somewhat. We all have to work through times of extreme stress. Just dig as deep as you can to find the strength to carry on and know that that there are hundreds of strangers out there that are wishing you well.

  4. Wow! That was a trip of a lifetime and you brought back wonderful photos. I like the “primitive” pyramids best. There is something basic and fundamental about them that I enjoy.

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