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Peacock needlecase happy dance

Aside from the satin/buttonhole stitches for the scissor sheath (which gets done last after the stiffening is ironed on), the stitching for the Peacock Needlecase for the CA Wells class is all done – yippee! 😀 

I had a slight distraction by a phone call this arvo, which took me a while to get back into stitching mode afterwards, but I managed to squeak in with the stitching just before midnight 😀

Sorry about the poor photography, but I can’t be bothered playing with my editing software much more tonight.  At least now I have enough stitched of both projects to at least get some of the finishing done during the class next weekend).


18 thoughts on “Peacock needlecase happy dance”

  1. Anne, you’ve really been busy since I was last here! Very productive and have received some lovely things. I’m in a real slump and seeing others’ work seems to make no difference to me, but I have my hands full right now with my granddaughter living here.

    I love your hedgehog! I have that one, and I do like the thread you used, even if you don’t, LOL! Maybe that could get me stitching again, as I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time and have all the stuff with which to do it. With all the money I’ve spent on stash, and here I am wanting to do a freebie!

    Funny….. I never thought of you as a shy person. You’re so outgoing and have a great sense of humor!

  2. Looks great, Anne! I have also done enough to take to Perth, we must’ve finished at the same time LOL

  3. looks great so far! I am really impressed with your 50 project list! you have managed to accomplish so many things in the past 6 months! wel ldone! I wish I could say I was just as productive….but I can’t! 😦
    thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful finish! Congrats on getting back your stitching mojo, and I’m glad you decided to do some things for you – ie pampering! You deserve it!

  5. Love it, Anne! Can’t wait till you get to class and get all these pieces finished. What an accomplishment that will be! 🙂

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