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It’s all about me …

Today has been a day of doing stuff just for “me”, and I’ve absolutely loved it!  I know this has all been generated by having this evening function to go to, but I was thinking today that I really should do this sort of thing more often, because it makes you feel fantastic!!

I started the day off with a drive into the suburb where I work (which meant those RAK parcels are also now on their way, as I dropped into the PO Box first), and spent 4 hours in the hairdressers getting a cut and colour done.  I have to admit I was a bit worried when the colourist turned out to be just learning, but between her and Sam (the guy who did the cutting and styling) they did a fantastic job, and I feel wonderful! 😀

When I had my financial woes before Christmas, I couldn’t afford to get my hair cut for a few months, then in January I tried to book in only to find my stylist had left the salon.  Since then I just haven’t had the impetus to find somewhere new … until now (I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 months since my last cut!!).  My hair is now styled a tiny bit differently in that I no longer have the short fringe (it grew out due to not having a regular cut, then a compliment from a girl at work made me decide to try it out that way for a while) … and there’s a lot more blonde in it than I originally had (I can see Mum cringeing all the way from there! LOL) – and I truly love it!  I’ve kept the length in the back, but it’s more shaped in the sides around my face and has more layers … I wish I could get a photo of it for you Mum, but you’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s nice 🙂 

Another great part of this is that during that 4 hours I also managed to get some serious reading in for a change – I took in The Empty Chair by Jeffery Deaver, and managed to get up to page 226, which is not bad going considering the book only has 594 pages, so I almost got halfway through in one sitting … geez it felt good to have the time to read – I usually feel guilty if I’m not stitching at home (which is why I use books on tape so I can do both), and it feels particularly fantastic to have a book in hand again … just a bit more added bliss for the day 😉

From there I went to the local lingerie shop where I was holding a shop credit for some PJ’s I’d bought and returned last year – and bought a pair of black bras by Playtex … something I was getting quite desperate for, as I haven’t bought new bras for, dare I say it, about 5 years.  The extra great news was that they cost exactly the same as my PJ’s so I had absolutely no outlay whatsoever yippee!

Then lucky last I called into Strand Bags where I found a reasonably ‘OK’ smaller handbag that will hold my small digital camera, and a small purse and mobile phone for the evening … on sale at a very expensive $6.99 – I nearly cracked up when she told me the price, as I was quite thrilled with the $14.99 price tag that was originally on it … $6.99 was a steal!!  I also found some jewellery that was lovely, but I don’t see the point of paying $90 for a necklace when I probably won’t wear it that much, so I left it in the shop, along with the $189 black wrap I loved … instead I’ll see if I have time tonight to think about putting something together myself.  If not, I’m happy with the plain gold jewellery I wear every day (ie just a plain gold chain I got as my farewell gift from work in Auckland, and a gold ankh I bought in Egypt), as well as Mum’s gold chain bracelet she gave me last year.

I can’t take a photo of me wearing the outfit, but here’s what my new top and shoes look like.  I’ll be wearing plain black pants with it.

That would a wonderful day in itself today, but the threads arrived that have been on back order from Karen at Dragonfly Dreams, as well as Mum’s aida we ordered for her.  The infamous Rainbow Gallery thread I’m waiting for to start the Laura J Perin canvaswork piece is still AWOL, though … I think they now hold the longest record for the back order of items, as I think it’s almost 9 months since we ordered it from RG.  I haven’t stressed about it at all, though, as Karen has continued to keep me informed along the way, and that’s the key to great customer service … communication! 😀

The other thing that is wonderful is that my ducks came home to roost from Vash – along with a pack of cards and fridge magnet from Cornwall.  Thanks again Vash for getting them finished – and thanks also to Wendy and Lynn for their work on this beautiful piece, it will be treasured for years to come and will be one of the first things I get framed this year! 😀

Lucky last, thanks also to Vee, who surprised me totally by a Random Act of Kindness … I have been stunned by the generosity and love shown by my fellow bloggers, and this gift from Vee is no exception – she sent the most wonderful packet of White Hot Chocolate with marshmallows (a little mini-kit, how cool is that?? – I can’t wait to devour it!), along with a fusible letter “A” that I’m conjuring up wonderful uses for … not to mention a pile of scrummy blue threads – how gorgeous is that little bundle of blue goodness?  Totally scrummy, everything!  Thanks again Vee for truly bringing some joy into a crappy week!  It actually arrived on Friday morning, but I forgot to post about it until today (my mind was pre-occupied with Mum’s farewell).

Well, that’ll just about do me for today – I think I’ve waffled on quite sufficiently for now … see you again in a week’s time, after which I’ll hopefully have some Sydney tourist photos to show, even if there’s no stitching 😉  Now I’m off to start packing … my least favourite part of any holiday, except maybe for the UNpacking ;P

24 thoughts on “It’s all about me …”

  1. What a beautiful top! 😀 The shoes are gorgeous too, very classy 🙂 You’ll have to get someone to take a picture of you at the event so you can share it later. You’ll look fabulous – hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. Hurray for you! I’m glad you had a wonderful day and what a lovely outfit…that top is gorgeous and I’m sure you’ll look just as gorgeous in it!
    Plus all the yummy stitchy treats 🙂
    You deserved such a glorious day 🙂

  3. Oh, what a fabulous top!! Hurray! I don’t think this will reach you in time – but I’ll be thinking a lot about you 🙂 Have a grand time, you deserve it! 😀 (((Anne)))

  4. I love the top and shoes you’ve picked out! And what a great deal on your new purse too!! Everyone deserves a “me day” every now and then 😉

    Your ducks look fabulous!

  5. That top is a great colour for you……….. I love the shoes also, I used to buy Easysteps all the time. I have wide feet, and in France it can be difficult to find suitable shoes, I miss the comfort of Easysteps. I’ll be thinking about you in Sydney…

  6. Whew! I am so glad that your parcel finally arrived! It must have been put on the slowest boat ever! Have a great trip to Sydney.

  7. Anne, have a fabulous time away! Your new top is a fantastic colour and will look absolutely fab with your new accessories!!

    What a fantastic time to be receiving your RR and a RAK as well – just when you needed it!

  8. What a lovely sounding day, 🙂 Your clothes look real nice, I’m sure you will look a pretty picture and have a good time. Your hair sounds fab as well 🙂

  9. I love the top…what a gorgeous colour. I’m sure you will look beautiful especially with your new hair ‘do’ as well 🙂

  10. It’s amazing what a new haircut and some color will do for you! I just had mine done recently too and I feel great. Your outfit looks smashing – enjoy your evening out! Also – your peacock needlecase in the previous post also looks great!

  11. Hurray! It’s great to hear you were able to pamper yourself! I did a little shopping for myself over the weekend and will admit to some guilt, but felt so good to update my closet!

  12. There’s nothing like a fresh hair cut and colour to give you a big lift! I hope you have a fantastic evening – and your blue top looks amazing.

  13. Anne, I realized right after I posted my last comment that I spelled you name wrong (oops!). Sorry about that. I got your e-mail about the chart. It took me a few days because I actually have a new e-mail address. I’d love the chart! Can I give you anything for it? I’d be glad to pay for shipping and/or the chart. Just let me know.

  14. Hi Anne

    Hope you had a great time in Sydney! Your top and shoes are gorgeous! Shame we didn’t get to see your haircut.

    I really do like your duck RR. There’s nothing better on a summers day than going down to the local park and feeding the ducks :o)

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