PhotoHunt – Soft


No real explanation needed for this week’s theme – this is most of my collection of “Soft” Toys, in particular my ducks … yes, I’m definitely duck-mad, and a girl can never have enough of these fine feathered friends in whatever shape or form! 😀 The second photo is one of my all-time favourite ducks 😀 There have also been a couple more added since this photo was taken – and some have now spilled over from the bedroom into the lounge room 😉

14 thoughts on “PhotoHunt – Soft”

  1. Great collection of softies you’ve got there. (glad I’m not the only one who collects plushs) Great choice for The Hunt! My middle son loves duckies and has quite a collection although most of them are not of the “soft” variety – more the traditional rubber ducky kind.

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