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Leporello & more birthday gifts

As promised yesterday, I can finally share Nicki’s beautiful gift with you – every time I’ve seen one of Nicki’s gorgeous over-one stitched letters I’ve drooled … now I can drool over my very own one!  I just adore my pinkeep, it’s stitched and finished perfectly as always … and once again very scrummy colours! 😉  As well as my gorgeous pinkeep, Nicki also sent a really cute notebook too, which will come in very handy! 😀  Thanks again Nicki, I love everything and will treasure my pinkeep always! And I love the clever personalisation on the back! 😀


The other photos I have to share are of my Stitching Leporello – part one is now all finished.  I just realised I had the stitching on a bit of an angle, so the camera has blurred the bottom part of the ‘frontal’ photo as I used my SLR, but you get the idea … also I tried to take one photo on an angle to show up the beads.  I really need to get a tripod so I can take better photos – another challenge for the year, I think, to improve my photography skills!  In the meantime, though, these’ll have to suffice.  As usual with this sort of design, the photos don’t do the project justice whatsoever … it’s just gorgeous in real life!  Unfortunately, though, it won’t see the light of day for at least another 3 months, as my upcoming stitching time will now be spent on the CA Wells class projects plus a birthday gift or two.


And on that note, I’ll shut down for the day, as Mum and I are off to Healesville Sanctuary for the day – and if we have time we’ll call into Emerald Lake Park before coming home.  It will be nice to have a day out in the fresh air.

Thanks again to everyone who has left me birthday wishes – I really appreciate all the comments, e-cards, and private emails I’ve received … thanks for helping to make the day extra special {{hugs}}.

19 thoughts on “Leporello & more birthday gifts”

  1. Oh my gosh – that is a real stunner – Nicki is so talented – and yes, the personalization on the back is unique and wonderful! Your leporello looks great – you are right, there really is a lot of work in that one square – Martina is known for that – LOL!!

  2. What an incredible pinkeep from Nicki. Just perfect for you! 🙂 I’m actually kinda glad that you won’t be able to touch your leporello for a few months, so maybe I will stand a chance of catching up. 😉 Have a wonderful day out with your mum!

  3. Happy Birthday Anne! I hope you had a wonderful day…you deserve it, along with all the great gifties;)

    Your leporelly looks amazing1

  4. A very hot day out in the fresh air! I hope you enjoy it though, I must get out to Healsville myself again soon.

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday, and that pinkeep is simply stunning 🙂

  5. Beautiful gift from Nicki – what a gorgeous colour! Wonderful progress on your Leporello too – the colours are fabulous and I love the Rhodes? stitches in the border

  6. What lovely birthday gifts, and you are so deserving of them with your kind nature and fun personality. I love your new blog on WordPress, but I took a look at WordPress and couldn’t make head nor tail of how to do it! I really think Blog Spot is a bunch of morons too, but they already know that, LOL! I just don’t know what else to do right now.

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