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Birthday joy & Finishing blog

My face must have told a 1000 words yesterday if you’d seen me open my birthday parcel from Carol  … certainly the girl next to me at work got to share a fair bit of the excitement! 

Thank you so much my dear friend for my gifts – as I said to you via email, I absolutely adore everything!  I’ve never seen a tin-topper in real life, and this one is absolutely perfect in every way!  Carol says the design is reminiscent of New England, her home, which makes it extra special to me.  She was also thoughtful to send the stitching details along with it (what a great idea!) – it is Down East Tin Topper by Samplers & Such, stitched on Dirty Belfast linen with DMC … and I just adore it! 

Not only the tin topper, though, Carol also send a darling pair of scissors and some needles inside the tin (I forgot to take a piccie, sorry) – and I’m going to add the wee scissor fob Carol sent me for Christmas to the scissors, as it’ll fit nicely in the tin … which is going to take pride of place next to me on my stitching table.  The tin topper would have been plenty enough, but I also received a large selection of Crescent Colour threads, which are one of my favourite overdyed threads, and the most scrummy turquoise fabric (that I’m planning a use for already, so you’ll have to watch this space later in the year!) … I still can’t believe it’s all for me!! 😀 

hanks again, Carol, you are a total sweetheart, and I love everything!!


My free time over the last couple of days has been spent playing with my photo editing program to get a header together or our new Finishing blog … and Karen and I have been tweaking it a bit so we’re not far away from being able to publish details about it.  I’m really looking forward to this new venture, and already thinking of finishing techniques I’d like to learn.  Anyway, watch this space for the details soon!

The rest of my time this week has been spent on finishing two birthday gifts (which unfortunately will be arriving belatedly at their new homes), and planning my stitching time for the next two months in readiness for the CA Wells class in April.  There is an exceptional amount of work involved, and I’ve worked out what I’ll need to get stitched by the end of each week between now and then to have everything finished in time … all I can say is I’m grateful I’ve got two weeks off work as at 11pm tonight, as I think I’m going to need it!!  I also have to get cracking on another birthday gift … I’ve got my heart set on a project, but it might be a bit ambitious going by the timeframe hmmm.

And on that note I’ll sign off again – partly as it’s now time to go to work (last day for two weeks, yippee!!), and partly ‘cos I have nothing else to say LOL.

18 thoughts on “Birthday joy & Finishing blog”

  1. What a beautiful gift! It is very ‘New England.’ 🙂 I hope your last day of work goes quickly and that you enjoy your 2 weeks off.

  2. Hmmm… I’ve been refreshing the page over and over again, but the pictures won’t show up… Never mind, I’ll probably see them over at Carol’s – and knowing her, I know already she did a super duper job with those gifties!! 😀
    Hugs my friend 🙂

  3. What a great gift from Carol, not only all the threads and scissors but the sweet tin she made for you. She is such a dear! Have a wonderful 2 week vacation from work!

  4. WOW Anne!! What an amazingly generous birthday haul from Carol! That’ll keep you busy for some time. The tin topper is gorgeous. WOW!

  5. What a gorgeous tin topper – such a wonderful idea! And those Crescent Colors threads (yummy) and fabric too – Carol is wonderful!

    Have a great 2 weeks off! 🙂

  6. You are one lucky lady……what a wonderful birthday gift from Carol. That tin topper is amazing. Those Crescent colors are gorgeous, and that fabric is just scrumptious…..enjoy them all sweetie!!!

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