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A sip of Bordeaux (updated with finish info)

Seeing as Carol as published her progress piccie of Bordeaux, I can now show my week’s progress as well – it’s a good thing I did my night’s stitching a couple of days ago, as I’ve been too busy yapping to Mum to concentrate on much else 🙂  This week I just managed one more little ‘man’ and a few more Rhodes grapes to complete the hanging vines, plus a couple in the border … I’m now exceptionally close to being halfway, and hopefully in about 2 weeks I’ll have met that milestone!

Mum and I just popped over to The Needle Point (old Bustle & Bows in Malvern) to find a couple of buttons, seeing as they have probably the best selection I’ve seen in Melbourne to date … unfortunately they didn’t have what I had in mind, but I managed to find a couple of charms that fit the bill quite nicely, so now I can put the final touch to my best friend’s belated birthday gift, and the last ornie I stitched.  Vicki’s birthday was in November, but that was when I had my financial meltdown and couldn’t afford to buy bread and milk, never mind parcel postage costs, so I’ve been unable to think about mailing it until recent times.  I don’t know if she reads my blog regularly, but I don’t think she’ll mind a sneak preview anyway, as it’s been long overdue … I’ll post another piccie when it’s finished-finished, as I want to make it into a quilted wallhanging (which’ll be a first for me).  But here it is, with all the stitching completed … I ended up choosing a silver heart charm instead of the recommended button/bead, and it seems to compliment the design well (you can click for a bigger piccie on this one).  On the whole I enjoyed stitching this one, but it took a lot longer to stitch than expected … the only part I didn’t enjoy was the outside borders of smyrna crosses in #8 pearl cotton (yuk!).

Friendship by Calico Crossroads
Stitched on mystery 28ct linen with recommended threads
substituted silver heart charm for Mill Hill glass treasure

You can tell Mum’s in the country … from my meagre pantry offerings from the last few months, the following plate is definitely NOT the norm, and probably won’t be seen throughout the rest of Mum’s stay (after that, that is haha) – but it was a wonderful treat for our first night 😀  Yep, we’re both prawn MAD … don’t they look scrummy? 😀  That was our snack in the afternoon … then the rest of the prawns for dinner along with some Turkish bread and a selection of dips (Tzatziki, hummus, spicy capsicum), stuffed green olives, Kalamata olives, stuffed bell peppers, grilled mushrooms and artichokes … yummo!!!


Now on to the awesome gifties Mum brought with her … I received a lovely sarong from Auntie Trudy in Auckland – even though it’s not blue haha, I love bright colours, so the orange has gone down a treat, especially as I love all the Hawaiian/Fijian style prints like this. 

Then of course there was the usual ‘Red Cross parcel’ from Mum – this time she came loaded up with Twisties, Griffins Gingernuts (sorry, but they beat Arnott’s gingernuts hands down in my eyes), and Malaysian style noodles packet mix that you can’t buy here … and to top it all off some NZ Cadbury chocolate – believe it or not, it’s very different to the Aussie Cadbury chocolate, and is actually a bit creamier.  Bang goes any thoughts of a diet I might have been having! haha. 

Last, but certainly not least – this is my Christmas present from my very best friend Vicki … my jaw hit the floor when I opened up this gift, and I actually felt quite overcome.  I absolutely ADORE this photo of us at Vicki’s wedding – we just look so ‘in tune’ with one another and completely at ease and loving the moment … I have to say it has been my favourite wedding ever, and it brought some wonderful memories back.  I’d just become a poor student before she got married, so I never could afford to buy some of the official wedding photos from the photographer at the time – it’s just wonderful to have one to grace my walls now.  I have to say out of everything, I adore this gift the most … it has a very special place in my heart!  Thanks so much Vicki, with all my heart!!  (Sorry about the poor photo, with the reflections from the windows etc – but it should be clickable) This is also the wedding that I promised the “Dratteds” (Dolphins Domain) as a wedding gift 😀  Also very special is the necklace I’m wearing – Vicki made that herself … the dangling part is from an earring that was her very favourite pair she bought at the Vatican – she lost one of them, and chose to give me the remaining one as part of my necklace … something I’ll always treasure, as I know how much she loved them!

The last photo I’ll show is of a few of the small gifts I gave to Mum … a couple of Christmas XS mags full of ornies for her to stitch, plus a pair of Gingher’s shears for her dressmaking (an early birthday present, even though her birthday isn’t until May it’s unlikely I’ll be seeing her again before then), plus some small Gingher’s scissors for her embroidery.  I also had a pile of Christmas fabrics for us to share, but we haven’t divvied it up yet, so no piccies. 

And on that note I’d better sign off … I’ve managed to get tomorrow off work, thank goodness, as I’m still really struggling to get over my night shifts this week, even more so than normal.  Even Mum commented how dark the circles are under my eyes today, just to cheer me up haha.  Now we’re off up the road to pick up a few more fresh groceries ready to cook dinner … the final lot of prawns we bought (we’re making a Thai Green Curry from half of them, and Garlic Aioli Prawns from the other half).  Then we’re back to having cheap food like spaghetti bolognaise for the rest of the week LOL. I actually received two other birthday parcels, but I haven’t opened them yet … I think the temptation may finally break tomorrow though! LOL.

18 thoughts on “A sip of Bordeaux (updated with finish info)”

  1. Oh Anne, you and your Mum are having a great time already. Love the gifts and boy you were making me hungry with the sight of those lovely prawns. Your friends gift is gorgeous-can’t wait to see it complete.

  2. I really love the gift you made for Vicki (Sweetheart Tree, yes?) – it’s really pretty. I feel your pain on the smyrnas in perle 8 though – been there, done that, absolutely hated it! 😆

    Lovely picture of the two of you as well – you look lovely in that gorgeous blue dress – stunning!

    Enjoy your mum’s stay!

  3. Hey, you have to stop blogging while your mother’s there! You’ve got to enjoy her visit enough for the both of us, since I would LOVE to enjoy a visit with my mom! LOL

    Great gifties from home. Love that pic of you and your friend. And that sarong is too cool!!

  4. So happy you and your Mom are having such a wonderful time, Anne 🙂 Prawns, yum!! 😛
    The gift you made for Vicki is exquisite. Know what you mean about smyrnas.
    That picture is so beautiful – your smiles and complicity seem truly piceless. I love the *blue* dress you were wearing Anne… How beautiful you are in that picture! 🙂 Just as stunning as the bride, and I mean it sweetie 🙂

    Enjoy your time with your dear sweet Dragon 🙂 (((hugs))) and lots of love!

  5. You look smashing in that beautiful dress and the necklace is gorgeous 🙂

    So glad to hear that you are having a great time with you Mum 🙂

  6. I can tell by your writing that you are over the moon with your Mum visiting you! Have a wonderful time and enjoy all the goodies she brought along.

  7. Wow, Bordeaux is beautiful! I look forward to getting to that band next week 🙂 I might finish Part 3 over the weekend, if time allows. I just really want to be on Part 4 next week – can you tell? LOL!! I think your CC piece is adorable – great little heart! I will revisit your blog at lunctime to see if I can get those gorgeous prawns to jump onto my desk for lunch – they look yummy! So glad you are having such a nice visit with the Dragon!

  8. What a great start to your Mum’s visit! I love seeing you so happy and look forward to more happy blog posts. 😀

  9. Glad you are having a really wonderful time with your mum – mums are so special aren’t they.
    I love the photo you suit that colour blue you looked gorgeous.

  10. Love the birthday gift – so pretty! And the silver heart charm suits it perfectly! Great progress on Bordeaux too. Sounds like your visit with Mum is off to a great start!

  11. Nice to see you are having some quality time with your mum. The birthday present is gorgeous, looking forward to seeing that one finished.

    Take care. x

  12. beautiful stitching there Anne, as always 🙂 hee hee, look at all those kiwi treats, you know you only have to ask and I’d be happy to post you some twisties any time!

    have lots of fun with your Mum, I can just imagine what you’ll be getting up too 🙂

  13. Wonder if you’ve been to the button shop up in the Nicholson building in the city? Tiny but lots of choice.

  14. Beautiful gift that you have created for Vicki. I know that she will love it! I really like the picture of the two of you at her wedding, as well. What wonderful memories you two must carry of each other in your hearts. 🙂

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