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Case of the Blah’s

I managed to get 4-5 hours sleep last night (I didn’t get to sleep until nearly 3am thanks to my snoozing yesterday afternoon), and still feel like a train wreck. My ears are sore, and I still have the queasy feeling, as well as just wanting to sleep all day again, so I’m about to take myself off for a wander up to the local doctors. It annoys me having to go, because I know there’s nothing they can do about it if it’s a virus, but I need to get a doctors note for work, I guess. C’est la vie … another $30+ down the tubes ho-hum. At least the Woolworth’s bladder has eased off quite a bit, and it’s relatively cool in the flat, which makes it a bit more pleasant. 

I can’t wait until next week, though, when there’ll finally be something worth watching on TV … thank goodness for my DVD player and home library of cheap DVD’s, that’s all I can say!  Not being a sports fan, it kills me to look through the TV Guide to see the selection this week … at the moment one channel has the cricket, one has the tennis, and one I never watch anyway, leaving one channel to choose from – and because of the cricket/tennis my fave programs aren’t on … But as always there’s a silver lining – I’m getting to watch movies I haven’t seen in months, and I also have some audio books I haven’t listened to yet either (although I have a splitting headache at the moment, so that’s not a great option).  Actually, I’ve just remembered I’m on night shifts next week, so I’d better get ready to videotape all my fave shows that are coming back on again (House, Medium, and NCIS especially).

I’ve made a tiny bit of progress on Bordeaux today, by adding one golden ‘basket’ and about 6 Rhodes grapes, but that’s it – I’ll probably do the last Rhodes grape on the left-hand side, then call it a day … I’m trying to do about 2 hours work on it each week so I don’t jump too far ahead, and I’ve done those 2 hours today already … albeit very slow stitching!  I’ll post a progress piccie later on.

Something else I meant to show a few days ago, and that’s two new quilt designs that I really like … I’m seriously going to have to try doing one quilt at least this year, or at least start one anyway – I’ll have to look through my fabrics and see if I’ve got anything appropriate already, without having to buy too much more … but that’ll be another day when I feel more up to it.  I don’t need to tell you, I’m sure, that of course my quilt will be in blue fabrics 😉

December Rose quilt
December Rose quilt

Winter Carnival quilt
Winter Carnival quilt

Now it’s time to throw some clothes on and wander on over to the GP’s office … although the way I’m feeling, perhaps it’d be safer to drive hmmm …

(Updated to add GP results – I’m now off work until Sunday, and if I don’t feel OK on Sunday then I just go back to see him on Monday … also I may have an added bonus of a bladder or kidney infection, so I’ve done a mid-stream urine test as well – at least I can now relax and not think about having to go back to work for two days, and just focus on relaxing and chilling out.  Fingers crossed it’s nothing but a virus, although he also talked about diabetes as well hmmm.  time will tell, I guess.  I was very naughty and treated myself to hiring two new release DVD’s from the video store nextdoor to the GP’s – something I haven’t done for months and months … I thought it would a nice cheer-me-up to help with my stitching.  Even though I’m not getting too much done, a few stitches is better than nothing!)

19 thoughts on “Case of the Blah’s”

  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe the GP can at least give you something so you can rest. I’m impressed your still stitching, way to go. Take care, CJ

  2. I hope you feel better by the weekend too! Drink cranberry juice for one thing.
    Take care of yourself!
    Hey, I didn’t realize I’m using the same template, but I think it has everything I was looking for and I can use my old blogger topper.

  3. Poor you, hope you start feeling better soon. Make the most of your days off to relax and concentrate on getting better. Hope it’s not diabetes, that’s a disease I would dread (I couldn’t do without sweet stuff!). Sending hugs your way.

  4. Get well soon Anne. Hope it’s nothing like diabetes 😦 It’s probably the heat and air quality from the fires. Enough to give anyone the blahs….

    And maybe we should have a quilt-a-long. You work on your quilt and I get going again on Leanne’s House. Didn’t Isabelle want to do a quilt too? That would be lovely 🙂 Not immediately of course 🙂

  5. Hey Anne – rest!! Get well soon. Don’t think about scary stuff like diabetes.

    Those quilts are amazing! I would love to watch your progress in the building of a quilt! 🙂

  6. {{{{Anne}}}} I hope it’s nothing serious and that you feel much better soon. I remember that I felt horribly queasy when I had a bladder infection, so it might just be that (and nothing worse) Take care of yourself.

  7. ((((Anne)))) Praying that the results come back OK, and that it is not diabetes! Do take care of yourself and relax. I’ll be thinking of you!

    Love those quilts, especially the first one – that’ll be absolutely stunning in blue, of course!!


  8. Oh Anne, I hope you feel better soon!!! Sending lots of virtual hugs. Your stitching looks wonderful….I think the green, blue and grey blob is fantastic. 😉

  9. I hope you feel better soon, Anne! Those irregular hours aren’t much fun either, not to mention bad for your health. I speak from experience! Get well, enjoy the DVDs, and treat yourself to some stitching time!

  10. Those quilts are gorgeous. I keep telling myself I’ll learn how to quilt one day. I hope that the test results come back alright, and that it’s not diabetes! I hope you feel better soon.

  11. Poor gal! I hope that a couple of days off will allow you to get the rest that your body obviously wants in order to get better. *hug*

  12. Hope your feeling better soon Anne ,both quilts are lovely.I must say I agree about the sport on TV we are even seeing news reports of All Blacks training sessions What happened to Rugby being a Winter sport!

  13. so sorry to hear that you’re crook Anne, hope you’re back to 100% soon. Take care over the next few days, chill out with your stitching and dvds and have lots of naps 🙂

  14. Poor Anne! I hope you feel better soon and its nothing more serious than a virus, although those can be awful. Lots of rest and fluids (hmmm, well may be go a little light on the fluids?)

  15. Hi Anne – am having trouble posting comments to your new blog 😦 Yes I am interseted in the CA Wells class and I have emailed Georgie already 🙂 Sounds wonderful 🙂

    Those smalls looks lovely – I’ve not made anything like that really – only ornaments…so it will be fun 🙂


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