Settling into my new blog home

Wood DuckWell, I have to say this is definitely looking a bit more “me” as I’m tweaking the template layouts etc.  I’ve been playing in Photoshop Elements with my old blog headers, and adding new graphics etc to see if it’s possible … and it’s worked out OK.  I guess a future job when I have nothing better to do is to re-do an entire heading from scratch … but that’s not gonna be happening overnight, and I’m pretty comfy with the current one now – to be honest I never did like the duck square in the other one, it was weird that it was off-centre, and the royal blue border just clashed with everything else … but by that stage I was sick to death of whingeing to the designer, and just accepted it … now I can play to my heart’s content 😀

I’ve been very bad and not stitching at all the last two nights, rather I’ve been spending waaaaay too much time online catching up on a few things, and wasting lots MORE time on trying out new things, aka this blog haha.  I still have to work out how to post images yet, but I’ll try popping a random onto this post to see what happens …

I have to say, though, to date I absolutely LOVE WordPress … the options available are so much better than Blogger, I wish I’d known about it and made the change months ago!  I don’t know whether it will eventually cause me problems commenting when I close my old blog down, but I presume because I have a Google account that I should be able to comment using that … time will tell, I guess 🙂

Rightio, here goes trying to load up a random piccie … sticking with my favourite theme (aside from stitching, that is), here goes attempt number one – this is a free photo by pdphoto.org, and is a most gorgeous photo of a Wood duck (I almost used this in my header, and may do so in the future some time, as it’s gorgeous!).  OK, I give up on trying to put it down the bottom of the post etc … I think I definitely need some coaching on uploading and using piccies … I’m going to play “who wants to be a millionaire”, and I’m off to “phone a friend” 😀

13 thoughts on “Settling into my new blog home”

  1. I love your new layout Anne! I’m glad that you’re happy with WP – I really love it too. Have you noticed that when you hover your mouse over a link, a little window pops up with the linked page/image in? I think that’s such a cool feature! I also love the “pages” option, which is so useful for things that you want to keep together, like wishlists and so on. I’m really pleased that I switched 😀

  2. ps : I’m so bummed too that Blogger keeps nagging me to upgrade to the New Blogger, and then always tells me I can’t after all! 😡

  3. This is a great new look Anne, very “fresh” looking. Like yourself and Isabelle, I too have been trying to change over only for it to say its not ready, urrgggh, might have to look into WP myself 🙂 Have fun playing around with your site!

  4. Looks good, Anne! It looks so good that I decided to try my hand at blogging again, and like you, I went to WordPress. I’ve been keeping tabs on you all this time, lol. Hope you don’t mind that I linked to your blog through mine. Talk to you soon.


  5. Looks great Anne. Thanks for the help with exporting my old one. I’m still working on it, though!

  6. Looks great, Anne! I’m a (self-hosted) WordPress fan too. It’s excellent that they’ve made free hosting available to everyone. Just wanted to let you know you can still comment on Blogger blogs, either with your Google account, or as ‘Other’ (so long as people have that option enabled). That’s what I do – select ‘Other’, put in my name and blog URL, and I’m good to go! I’ve had troubles with only a few since the Blogger changeover, and some people still only allow those with Blogger accounts to post comments – but you can still keep your Blogger account even if you delete your blog. HTH 🙂

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