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I’m at an internet cafe in St Kilda at the moment, as the library doesn’t open until 2pm today, and I needed to do some bill paying.

The phone update is that if the phone technician has a job cancelled for tomorrow, he can fit me in tomorrow to install a ‘temporary line’ – if not, he’s then on holidays for 11 days and the real estate agent will have to try to find someone else to do it instead … I’m trying not to stress out about it, but if it keeps on for much longer I’ll give the Body Corporate/real estate agent a bill for my phone and internet connection for the month I haven’t been able to access it! hmmm …

The cracks in the walls are also now getting worse, and the building movement thanks to the drought has now changed the position of the windows at the front, and I can’t close them anymore. I also now have a crack appearing horizontally across the middle of one of the walls … not happy, Jan!

Which brings me to my next news … the girl I considered moving in with last year has handed her notice in at her flat, and is looking to move again – and we’ve agreed to move in together. That means flat-hunting again as we’ll need a 3-bedroom place this time … it also means extra outlay for the move, but a better financial position in the long run. I’m extremely sad about moving from my current area, but it’s a small sacrifice to make for a longer-term benefit, I guess. It just means I’ll be walking round the beach every day until I move now! In fact, I’m having brunch here in St Kilda to start the ball rolling. That also means not having internet access for a while after I move … although I’ll start checking out options for wireless internet in the meantime as well, as that might be a better option in case I end up moving again in a year or two – who knows what the future will bring?

Stitchingwise I can’t say I’ve done too much – I’ve almost finished the next band of Bordeaux, and I’ve finished one surface embroidery UFO, but that’s pretty much it … my time will now be spent househunting again, which doesn’t lend much time for stitching. Oh well …

Anyway, I’d better head off … not sure when I’ll be back online again. I miss you guys!!

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  1. Wow, you are really flying along with Bordeaux! I need to pick it up soon and not looks so pathetic – LOL! I cannot believe your phone is still not on! Are you ready to have a flat mate?

  2. Good luck with the househunting. I hope the rental market is better in Melbourne than Sydney. Apparently there’s a real shortage of properties right now! 😦

  3. Thanks for updating Anne. I hope everything works out with the househunting and with the phone. If the engineer doesn’t do it before he goes away, I think you should start getting stroppy with management – it’s unacceptable that you should be without your phone connection for this long. Good luck with everything – you’re in my thoughts {{{hugs}}}

  4. I hope it all goes for the best, Anne. Keeping my fingers crossed that the technician can fit you in before his holidays! I hope you find a lovely flat and that your flatmate will be great. 🙂 Thinking of you! (((hugs)))

  5. Hi Anne: I’m just catching up on your blog this a.m.

    Good luck in the ‘flat’ hunting. And I hope everything works out for you & your new roommate.

  6. Huge news, Anne! Good luck with your flat-hunting and I hope you find a great place. Darn phone lines – I would go crazy without internet access.

  7. What a pain about your phone line, but good news about the move. I hope your flat hunting goes well.

    Hope you get back online properly very soon as I miss reading your daily updates!

  8. Good to see your post today, Anne! It certainly looks like the time is now to be getting out of your apartment building. Wishing you great success in finding a new place with your friend!

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