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Christmas Stitching

I had a wonderful Christmas Day today – even though I worked all day, we made it a special event. We were allowed 1 hour for lunch (instead of the usual 1/2 hour) and we were treated to a meal of ham off the bone, chicken, smoked salmon, pasta salad, pumpkin and coriander salad, potato salad and Greek salad, followed by chocolate ripple cake for dessert … we could hardly walk back to our desks afterwards! It was a wonderful way to spend the day – the phones were also pretty quiet, so I’m glad I went in prepared and took some stitching. Usually the only shift I can stitch on is the overnight shift, but today was special 😉

Yesterday I put the final stitches into Bunnies in my Garden – but I won’t be finishing it for a while yet, as I need to buy some wool batting and decide on the lining fabric and ribbon for ruching. For Chelle, I have to admit I had the same thought as you, and put aside some Flax linen to use instead of the Summer Khaki, but when I put the threads against both, the Summer Khaki was much better for my skeins as it made the colour stand out more – the Flax was too pale, and the paleness of the threads just looked bland. I surprised myself and ended up using the Summer Khaki, and it looks OK.

Main body of the sewing case (most accurate colour)

Scissor fob – front (on the left) and back (on the right)
Then today I put the final stitches in my Snowfall Needleroll by Shepherd’s Bush … finally! So I guess that’s two more items off my 50 Project Challenge yippee 🙂

I was going to post my list of finishes for 2006, but perhaps I’d better hold off haha. Mind you, I’m now on 7 days straight at work, so not as much stitching will be taking place between now and the end of the year … but there might just be one more small finish yet … maybe 😉

It’s bizarre, but in the middle of summer we’ve had a weather change – they had snow in the hills not that far from us and the coldest Christmas Day on record … yep, a white Christmas in Australia, whatever next!!?

This morning I cranked up the stereo with Christmas carols, then called home and had a chat to Mum and Dad while opening my gifts. I have received some beautiful gifts from Sylvie, Nicki, Jenna and Katrina – and I’ll post some piccies of everything tomorrow … the light’s disappearing quite quickly tonight, and it’s hard to get a nice photo 😦 It’s worth waiting for, though, as they’re really lovely and everything will be treasured 😀

Rightio, time to crack open the stocking (ie the Asti that’s hiding within it), and settle in for a quiet night – I hope you’re all enjoying your day, in whatever way you celebrate! 😀

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  1. What a lovely reading on this Christmas day. Thank you for writing all these news. It’s so different than what we are living here with forts outside, but no snow in the plain here. I’m glad that you had a nice day although you were working full time today.It’s only Christmas morning here, and my grand son (4 years old) just arrived joyfully showing me his new slip with superman!!! All the rest of the family is playing or enjoying their new gifts. I’m so glad that 2006 allowed me to know you. I wish you some happy coming days although you’re working full time till the new reay. I’ll come back soon.

  2. Thanks for the info about using the Summer Khaki. I feel much better about it now! Congrats on getting the stitching finished. Maye I’ll get started and catch up before you get to the finishing. Your SB needleroll is SO cute! I’m sending my sister right over to have a look. :o)

  3. It’s so wonderful to hear about people who can still have a wonderful day even tho having to work on a holiday! So many people would moan and groan! I LOVE the needleroll…those snowmen are adorable!

  4. So glad you had a good day Anne! Hope the stocking was as Christmassy as you remember 🙂

    Bunnies and the needleroll look great – beautiful stitching. Congrats!

    Oh, and it’s cold here too. Crazy isn’t it? 🙂

  5. Great stitching! I *love* Bunnies in my Garden, I hadn’t seen it before until you started it. Can’t wait to see it all finished up.

    Happy Holidays!

    : )

  6. It sounds like work treated you very well on Christmas Day. 🙂 Your Bunnies in the Garden looks fantastic, BTW. I’m glad that you were able to finish it! I will have to see if I can’t get around to gridding the second piece of fabric for the Stitching Leporello this week so that we can start SAL’ing on it. 😀

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