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RAK Registry & Ornies

Thanks to everyone who has supported the RAK Registry database (for stitching bloggers) to date – this has been a really fun project to coordinate. For those who have asked, there is no deadline to sign up for this, as it’s an ongoing project – you just need to send me an email with your details, and I’ll enter you into the blog database immediately. You can either send me an email requesting the questions, or just copy and paste the following and email your answers straightaway to :). Then if you want to send someone a RAK just drop me a line and I’ll send you their full contact details. Likewise if there’s someone you’d like to send to, and they’re not in the database, drop me a line with their blog details, and I’ll approach them with a request to sign up, or to get their contact details … then they still don’t know who it’s coming from so there’s still a surprise element attached 🙂

A link to the RAK Registry blog is in my sidebar, if you want to check it out. Thanks again for the support, my fellow stitching pals.

First/screen name:
Blog name/URL:
Fave colour(s):
Fave designer(s):
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles:
Fave thread types/brands:
Fave fabric(s) (eg count/colour/type):
Any dislikes (eg colours, design styles etc):
Withlist URL:
Any small RAK’s that would be enjoyed (eg tea sachets, stationery, chocolate, fridge magnets, postcards etc):
Favourite holiday(s):
Holiday(s) not celebrated/liked:
Full name and mailing address:

As for me, while I was in ostrich mode with my head in the sand yesterday it left my hands (and mind) free to stitch … I managed to put the finishing touches into an ornie I started during the night shifts (the only reason to love that shift is that I get chance to pick up a needle very now and then inbetween calls ‘cos there’s no management around haha) – I didn’t have the right overdyed threads, so I substituted the WDW Kudzu for NN Grecian Olive, and Crescent Colors Blue Moon with NN Blue is Blue – I also swapped 28ct fabric for 32ct to make it slightly smaller … I think it still turned out OK.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWinter’s Eve by Country Cottage Needleworks
from JCS 2006 Christmas Ornament magazine
stitched on 32ct natural Belfast
with thread substitutions

I also managed to put the final stitches into two more ornies as well that have been sitting here just waiting for the embellishments to be added. I haven’t taken any piccies/scans yet, though, so they’ll have to wait until later and I’ll add them in. Hopefully by then Blogger will be playing ball with photos again, as I’ve been having to use Photobucket for the last two posts 😦 Perhaps they’re giving me the un-subtle hint to hurry up and move to Beta haha.

All these ornies are destined for a home elsewhere … unfortunately they won’t be gracing someone else’s tree for this Christmas due to financial constraints, but they will be sent out some time in the New Year ready for next Christmas …

And talking of ornies, Nicki and I are discussing having a Christmas ornie SAL on the 4th weekend of every month, and wonder if you’d be interested in joining us? I’ve cheated and copied most of Nicki’s post to save me being witty and thinking something up … and Nicki’s is perfect already

From the words of Nicki:

“Christmas is nearly here and I’ve realised that trying to do all my Christmas stitching in two weeks isn’t a great idea! So Anne and I are thinking of organising a monthly Christmas ornament SAL for next year.

The idea is to stitch one ornament each month, so at the end of the year we’ll have lots of pretties to give as gifts or put on trees. We’ll stitch on the fourth weekend of each month. (That seems to be what works best for everyone who’s answered so far).

If you’d be interested, let one of us know. You wouldn’t have to stitch each month of course. It’d just be a fun way of getting some Christmas ornaments stitched through the year and relieving the pre-Christmas rush!”

I’ve really missed doing an ornie SAL for the latter half of this year, and hopefully this will motivate me again into stitching every month … I’m actually thinking of making my own personal goal to stitch two every month so I get to keep an odd one or two as well as give them away, but I’ll still be happy with getting one done

15 thoughts on “RAK Registry & Ornies”

  1. Your version of Winter’s Eve turned out great, Anne!

    An ornie SAL sounds good to me. I’d love to join in when I can!

  2. Great minds think alike! I just finished that ornament last night too AND I subbed Grecian Olive for the Kudzu and 32ct for the 28ct! I did have the Blue Moon in my stash though. Yours looks great 🙂

    I saw Nicki’s post about the ornament SAL and I’m still thinking about it. Last year I didn’t do too well with sticking to one ornament a month, which is why I’m dragging my feet. I might be interested if there’s a specific timeslot though, as I still have lots of ornaments I want to stitch.

  3. I love your ornie!
    I stitched the same chart a few weeks ago, with substitutions too, but I didn’t found a blue as great as the one you used for the house, it’s perfect!

  4. What a cute ornament! I’d like to join the SAL, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be a good SAL pal. I have at least a Saturday a month that goes out of the window because of a PhD seminar… then I try to go to Lille as often as I can afford (financially and work-wise)… This doesn’t leave room for much. I would so love to stitch a few ornies next year, though. My Christmas tree is looking a bit pitiful this year 😦


  5. Anne – love you ornie finish! Congratulations!
    I am planning on joining you and Nicki on the Ornie SAL – I’ve been kitting up ornaments and not stitching them a bit of late so a SAL might help me to get my act together and actually do the stitching!!

  6. Anne, I stitched Winter’s Eve twice already this year!! Your changes in the color are fantastic!!!
    I stitched mine both times on 28 ct. one time over 2 and the other over 1…I loved them both, but gave ’em both away!! So that means I’ll be stitching it again for me :o)
    I’ve also thought about changing the blues to red (for the house and frame)…I might do that for me…

  7. Your ornie looks great count me in for the SAL I realise now that I should have started months ago to stitch all the ones I wanted for this Christmas lol.

  8. Your ornie looks FABULOUS! Your substitutions worked out great. 🙂 I mentioned in Nikki’s blog that I’d like to participate in the monthly ornie SAL idea, though there will be months that I won’t be able to make one.

  9. Hi Annie, your color substitutions are marvelous – such a pretty stitch and so popular this year… you know I plan to stitch it too – LOL! I have a Gingher scissor adventure to tell you about – funny story – will email you tonight after I go have a belated birthday dinner with Mike and my Mom. 😉

  10. Hi Anne–Your Winter’s Eve looks great! I love the color substitutions, too! What a nice idea with the RAKs. Can I join up? How do you know when and who to RAK? I also love the idea of the SAL, but I will have to think that one over. This year I was terrible with keeping up with SALs or monthly projects! Need to rethink my stitching!!

  11. Anne, I LOVE your Winter’s Eve ornie finish! The colors look perfect (especially that blue), so you obviously did a great job with substitution choices! 🙂

  12. Anne your Winter’s Eve ornament is lovely. I’ve got that one in mind to stitch myself, don’t think I’ll get it done this year though. I’m new to Stitching Bloggers, only joined yesterday (Sunday) But I’d love to join in with an ornament SAL if I may please.

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