I don’t feel well ;)

I really really can’t be feeling well … it’s now 6am and I’ve just walked in from work, after being up for almost 24 hours straight (the first night on doggo’s is a killer!) … anyway I’m driving home and thinking about a couple of XS charts I’d like to stitch. OK, so there’s nothing really unusual about that … BUT I’m envisaging how they’d be all stitched over-one … what the? I HATE over-one stitching – and only do it when I really really have to, so what on earth is possessing me to think I’d actually enjoy doing some of these BAP’s over-one?? If my head starts spinning around on my shoulders and spewing obscenities, at least I’ll then know I’m obviously and clearly possessed … right now I just think perhaps sleep deprivation has made me temporarily potty!

And what projects do I think would look great … I’ve already pretty much decided to stitch Graham Ross’ Rainbow Lorikeets that way, but on the way home I started thinking about By the Bay Needleart charts (such as this one), plus another Greek scene from an old magazine, and then a L&L design … crikey, I’d better get myself to bed quick smart and get some quality sleep before I do something really rash and actually start one of these things over-one!!! Someone bring me a cold compress and some Panadol, I’m obviously running a fever!!!

6 thoughts on “I don’t feel well ;)”

  1. Someone on The Wagon (Petra, I think), is doing the BtB one, along with the other 2 in the same series over one and it looks stunning! They’re not my normal choice of design but I think they look great stitched that way. I say go for it!

    (The L&L – not so much perhaps, depending on the design, but definitely the BtB designs. I’ll be your cheer squad from the sidelines 😉 )

  2. LOL!! You made me laugh! What’s got into you?!

    I saw Celtic Christmas done over one a while ago and it was amazing. Not sure what she did about the beads though… That By the Bay one would work out great. Simple designs work really well. If you’re serious – the trick is finding the fabric that works for your stitching tension. 28ct or 25ct are good for a lot of people. And evenweave is easier over one than linen 🙂 Do we have a convert?!

  3. Oh boy, I hope you feel better soon! I hope you didn’t catch my tummy virus – would that be possible??

    over one? Nope, that does not sound like you! You need rest, dear!

  4. Anne, Anne, surely you’re delusional!! Lol! I must admit tho, that I’ve seen quite a few over-one projects on the blogs that made me want to attempt one myself. 😀

  5. Anne that was funny-of course the by the bay one would be really cool. Not that i am trying to encourage you or anything-LOL

  6. ROFLOL. You might want to try a medium sized over one project first to make sure you that you won’t lose your mind before you jump into a huge project? I think your face is looking a bit flushed…

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