Christmas apologies

Just a quick post to apologise that I won’t be able to send any Christmas ornies in time for Christmas this year – I had high hopes of getting 6-10 to some very special online people, but I just can’t afford to do it post-wise. After paying my bills this month there still isn’t enough left over for the tax-man, and next payday is a smaller one with no weekend allowances with the month’s rent taking almost all of it … which means 12 Dec pay will be used for paying the tax-man now. It also means I still can’t have a good shopping day food-wise until then, and I’m starting to get to the bottom of my frozen foods etc and need to keep every cent I can at the moment to put some semblance of food on the table. This truly breaks my heart, and it’s put me in a bit of a stitching slump too – my whole month was planned around stitching these ornies, and it’s put a real damper on the month knowing now that I just can’t do it.

Sorry if I haven’t been online too much – just don’t have too much to say at the moment … to be honest it’s taking me all my energy just to get up and go to work – I’m trying to catch up on a bit of blog reading every now and then, but I won’t be posting much unless there’s any stitching or photography to share for a while.

7 thoughts on “Christmas apologies”

  1. Stitch them anyway! You’ll have them set to go for Christmas 07 or you could send them out for Christmas in July echoing some sales here in North America. When you are going thru difficult times, a treat like a special project (especially when you have all the supplies on hand) will help you over the rough spots. When you stitch, you don’t want to eat so your work doesn’t get messed up and that way you can stretch your food budget a bit. Sorry you are having troubles.

  2. Anne, si tus amigas te quieren a ellas no les ha de importar que no les envies nada, lo importante siempre es el gesto,
    Espero pases unas hermosas navidades, y Dios derrame sus bendiciones en tu casa…. Y el año entrante este lleno de abundancia…
    Feliz navidad y buen año 2007
    besos nela

  3. I agree with Maria, Anne. Stitch those ornaments anyways! It doesn’t matter if they don’t reach their destinations in time for this Christmas. I keep special things that have been hand made around all year long.

    Sorry to hear your financial troubles are still stressing you so much! {{{{hugs}}}}

  4. No worries – we are all under the same stress. I am doing birthday pressies for virtually everyone I like, but cannot even fathom how to do anything for Christmas. I hope to send cards 🙂 Don’t fret.

  5. Anne, please don’t apologise – no-one thinks any less of you at all {{{hugs}}}

    I agree with Maria – stitch them anyway and then you can either send them next year or keep them for yourself 😉

    I hope your money situation eases soon – remember you know where I am if you need an ear.

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