Just for a change, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon of the weekly Photo Scavenger Hunt. I first saw this on Vash’s blog, and it sounds like fun. Unfortunately almost all of my photos are still in Auckland, but I’ve rummaged through the few I do have here, and have been coming up with photos that match the themes (at least in my eyes haha). I’ve decided to select the current theme’s photo each week from now on, but I’m also going to add one photo from the oldest themes each week as well until I’m all caught up 🙂 You may already have seen some of the photos, but there will definitely be some new ones coming up 😉

This week’s theme is GROWTH. I chose this photo because it means from a ‘personal growth’ perspective for me – every now and then I push myself to do something that thrills me but scares me a bit as well, and is something that I’ve never done before … hang-gliding pretty much tops the events to date!

The first theme of the Hunt was WHITE … there were a few different photos for me to choose from, but I ultimately decided on my frangipani flowers – I just love those creamy white petals, not to mention their fragrance … they will always evoke strong memories of my many visits to Fiji, and the friends I made over there, not to mention the many new life experiences.

As you can tell, there are no stitching piccies today … it’ll probably be like that for a few days now – back to work again tonight for two nights of 6pm to 2am shifts. I’ll pack a small project in a bag as well ‘just in case’, but it’s quite likely I won’t end up taking it out of the bag … but better to be prepared 😀

11 thoughts on “PhotoHunt”

  1. oh you’re so brave Anne, you wouldn’t catch me doing anything like that, not even for a million dollars, lol. Hope you have a good day!

  2. Hang-gliding! Wow, Anne – good for you!! It’s not something you’ll find me doing personally, but I love gliding vicariously. 😀

  3. Just a quick hello from France again. I hope that everything is OK for you in NZ. I just put a slide show of my collection of Nativity sceneries on my blog. I you fancy to spend a short moment in a Xmas atmosphere, just have a look. Bye for now. I’ll come back soon.

  4. Do you still open your blog sometimes? Today, on my own blog I put an appeal to send greetings for Christmas to my niece who is alone in China for this festival. All the details are on my blog, and the greetings should be added as COMMENTS under the title Joyeux Noël véronique / Merry Christmas Veronique. The senders should just write greetings shortly and the country from where they’re writing.
    That would be very nice if you could write something too, an Aussie would be a wonderful surprise for my niece (even if you’re half from NZ!!)

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