A quick finish

My decision to start something new was a good one … although I didn’t end up starting the actual stitching last night, just kitting up two things – a Christmas ornie for me, and Wendy’s seasonal round robin. Today I spent a short time stitching, after a bit of clearing out with the boxes in the spare bedroom. That poor room now looks like a war zone, but I did manage to finish my ornie while watching Jamie’s Kitchen-Melbourne. I’m loving that show, especially knowing it’s right on my doorstep. Perhaps my treat to myself once I get out of this financial tight spot will be to have lunch out there at Fifteen Restaurant … hmmm food for thought.

Anyway, just a short post, as I’m not really in blogging mood … here’s the ornie I stitched – it’s Starry Starry Night by JBW Designs, from the 1998 JCS ornie issue. Complete with the Mill Hill treasures I bought earlier in the year, this is one expensive little ornie 😉 It’s stitched on a mystery hand-dyed 28-count linen that I think came from Silkweaver in last year’s Halloween trick or treat bag. That also means one more project crossed off the 50 Project Challenge, yippee – 9 down, 41 to go 😀

22 thoughts on “A quick finish”

  1. Very nice Anne. I’ve thought about doing that same one, but hesitate because of the Mill Hill Treasures. They really do make it quite expensive.

  2. That’s really sweet Anne! It’s on my wishlist, but I think I’ll be leaving the treasures out, or making substitutions 😉

  3. That is a sweet one, Anne, and the little bunny and moon really finish it off.

    Hmmm, your home-baked bread looks too yummy!

  4. Hi Anne, been admiring your neat stitching – cute designs as always! I just emailed you about next week; sounds like it would be a good time to postpone it, in view of your car problems. We have just added to our mortgage with my car, but it had to be done, seeing my old car was 22 years old and not going to be reliable much longer, so I sympathise with your concerns over your car. Like men aren’t they – can’t live with them but can’t live without them – lol!

  5. Cute ornie! I have that one on my list of “someday” projects….since I got the ’98 issue last month. I’d probably leave off the treasures, though…or substitute something less expensive…

  6. Look at that. Evidence right there! This is why we must have our stash. Going through a lean period? No matter. I can stitch and even stitch an expensive ornament right from my stash.

    I love that bunny button! Must have.

  7. your ornie looks fabulous Anne, its been on my to do list for several years now, just waiting until I remember to find the treasures for it without breaking the bank! Love the halloween freebie too. I wish my homemade bread turned out like yours, lol!

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