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I managed to pick out a couple of quilt designs that I like, to show you – there are quite a few more, but they’re in actual quilting books and I don’t think I’m allowed to post piccies due to copyright … these ones came from old quilting magazines that I’ve ripped the pages out of, so goodness knows where/what the original source is. Also, one day I might just re-create the other book quilts in my software program and show those piccies, ‘cos then I’m not technically breaking copyright … I think … I was serious enough to try quilting years ago and bought designing software ready for it, but I still haven’t been brave enough to give it a go :/ Whatever design I eventually go with will be, as Isabelle puts it, blue blue blue ;P I’m envisaging deeper blues with turquoise, as opposed to pastels, but who knows what it will end up being? Anyway, here are some designs that I like – the 3rd one is a cot quilt, but the design could be repeated to make a larger quilt, I think.

I especially love the last two!!

Thanks for your comments and emails of support after yesterday’s post. Today I still feel a bit blue, and have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it’s likely I won’t be going to Sydney – Mum and I had a good talk on the phone last night and as she put it, I seem to be taking one step forward and two steps back at the moment, and there’s no point going just because I ‘really want to’, if it’s possible it will put me in greater financial difficulty in the end, which is absolutely right.

Actually the reason for the phone call from Mum last night was to let me know some bad news from the family in the UK (I knew it had to be something, ‘cos I’d only spoken to her the day before) … one of my cousins had walked into the house to find her husband had committed suicide, which is a really really awful thing to experience I’m sure, and something I could never entirely imagine to its full extent and horror. To be honest I don’t feel really upset about it, as I didn’t know David that well – I don’t have any memory of my childhood prior to the age of 10 (when we emigrated finally to New Zealand), and I’d only met him once in my early 20’s when I visited/lived there for 6 months. I do, however, feel very sorry for my cousin for the situation she’s now in and she’s been in my thoughts a fair bit today. Even though we’re not close, and we hardly know each other as adults, she’s one of the very few family members who ever keeps in touch with birthday and Christmas cards, and by the sounds of it she hasn’t had an easy life. My UK family aren’t aware of my blog (and the majority don’t have computers anyway to my knowledge), but {{hugs}} to you anyway Carole, may peace and inner strength find you in the trying and difficult days ahead.

Well, that’s me for today – I’m feeling very very revolting and haggard after my early morning start thanks to daylight saving … it’s been the slowest shift in history, and I just can’t wait for this day to end so I can get to bed and have a bit of sleep. Only two more 5am’s left, hip-hip-hooray 😀

9 thoughts on “Quilting and ‘stuff’”

  1. I’m really sorry for your cousin.

    As for the quilts the 4th is wonderful and in deep blue and turquoise, I’m sure it will be stunning…
    We changed time here, too, but I have to admit that it was pretty cool to wake up at 8am and find it’s only 7am! ;p

  2. {{{Anne}}} I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin’s husband. What a terrible shock for her.

    Also, sorry about the trip to Sydney – hopefully once your financial situation has eased, you’ll be able to go in the not-too-distant future. You’re in my thoughts at the moment 🙂

  3. Blogger makes it very hard to comment on blogs this morning – had to try at least 10 times… But I wouldn’t give up! 🙂

    Anne, those quilts are awesome. My fav is the last but one. We definitely have to make a Quilt-A-Long.

    What happened to your cousin is dreadful… May she find strength and love from her near and dear!

  4. My condolences to you and your family. Suicide is so hard on those left behind.

    I love the quilts you’ve shown. My fave of the bunch are the 2nd and next to last ones. I’d love to know what magazine and what the quilts are called.

  5. Anne I sorry to hear about your cousin, I sorry that you have had such a rough time of things lately. The quilts look great ,nice designs to start with.

  6. Anne, I’m sorry to hear about your cousin. The quilts are all very pretty, but my favourite is the second from the last.

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