Feeling a bit blue …

Perhaps I just feel tired after being up so early today, I don’t know … but I have to say the last week has been a struggle financially – I think having the dinner party etc recently has been an extra drain on the finances, not to mention that stupid parking fine, and I thought I was doing OK, but then the electricity bill came in, and my bank account basically went down to having $10 spending money for the next 5 days … hmmm. Fraze asked me to come into the city to have dinner with him last night, and I had to turn him down, as I simply couldn’t afford it. I said to Mum on the phone I don’t even have bread or milk in at the moment oops. That’s not to say I don’t have any food in the house … thankfully I have some frozen pumpkin soup and chicken breasts/meat etc in, and plenty of pantry items to get a meal thrown together, but it’s been an interesting few days. Today I went out and bought milk and yogurt for my breakfast muesli, and emptied out the bank account in its entirety. I got creative last night and made my own bread in the breadmaker, as I have plenty of flour etc on hand, which made a lovely accompaniment to the pumpkin soup 😀

All-in-all, it wouldn’t be too bad … I do occasionally have a month where I’ll struggle financially, then the next one makes up for it and it all evens out. I’d managed to save up a wee bit of money behind me as a backup, but of course that ended up being spent on our Hong Kong trip. Anyway, what tripped me out is that I just received a letter from my real estate agent saying the landlord had requested a rent increase, and basically I have 60 days notice before it takes effect. I’m a bit peeved because when I talked about getting a cat he asked if I would be staying long-term, I’d said as long as he didn’t increase the rent, I’d be staying … he replied not to worry he definitely wouldn’t be doing that 😦 OK, admittedly, he’s only asking for an extra $5 a week, which is only $20-25 a month, but it’s all still an extra expense, particularly with weeks like this one when I’m down to my last $10 until pay day!! That’s the main reason for the title of this post … hmmm.

The way I’m going, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get the money together to see my best friend in Sydney … I might end up having to make a snap decision during that final week, to see if there’s enough money in the kitty left over for it. It will be really disappointing, that’s for sure, but then again there’s no point getting myself into more financial ruin by going if I really can’t afford it.

It also means I’ve been considering other areas where I’m just going to have to cut back. Like a few of my fellow bloggers, I’d dearly love to send Christmas and birthday gifts to my fave online pals, and I’d already been planning a few things, but I’m realising I just can’t realistically do it financially … my gifts this next year are going to have to be quite meagre, as every time I make a financial cutback I’m offsetting any benefits by spending extra money on gifts and postage, and I just seem to be running in circles and not getting anywhere in the case of reducing debt. As much as I adore buying for gifts (and I really have loved doing it this year for my online pals), I have to be realistic about it and make some changes … and it breaks my heart to have to think that way. I guess having that small rent increase arrive has given me food for thought … and that food is giving me indigestion!!

Sorry this is such a depressing post …

On a more positive note, thanks for all your comments – I knew that little sneak preview would make you think my latest gift stitching was Sweetheart Tree … it’s actually a Calico Crossroads sampler 🙂

7 thoughts on “Feeling a bit blue …”

  1. You’ve been more than generous recently. I know I really appreciate the gifts you sent and the Pompeii chart. It’s lovely to give gifts, but don’t feel bad if you need to cut back and consolidate. We know how generous you are! You need to think of yourself too. And it sounds like you need a hug or two {{{hugs}}}

  2. Ohhh I know exactly how you’re feeling. I hate being tight for cash. Hopefully it will all work out soon and you can visit your friend in Sydney. {hugs}

  3. I agree with Nicki; you have been more than generous. I’m starting to think that cards are all that I’m going to get out for Christmas this year, and they might even be e-cards! With everything I have going on stitching-wise and not having done my usual ornament a month this year, I will have nothing to give!

    I’m sorry that your finances are looking so lean at the moment. Maybe it’s a good thing that the rent increase has given you food for thought. Sometimes life makes you stop and reprioritize. Sounds like this is one of those times.

    No worries, we’re all behind you!

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