Last day of freedom

It’s back to work again tomorrow, but it’s only a 5-day week for a change, which is just wonderful – this week’s shifts are reasonable, with a mix of 3pm and 12 noon starts. Next week it’s back to 5am starts again hmmm, which means I should get loads of stitching done just to keep me awake in the afternoons!

Yesterday I promised piccies of my great mail day, and here they are – the first piccie is of course Jenna teasing me with my scissors … I’m still laughing my head off today over this little trick – I love it! As well as the beautiful wrapping, it also has a gift tag already made up on it … “To Anne, From Anne” – what a crack up!

The other goodies I received were my back-ordered threads from Karen at Dragonfly Dreams – this means Sapphire Star will be joining my rotation as the next project on my list for the canvaswork slot … although my rotation is a bit out the window at the moment to fit in some commitment and gift stitching. Here in the piccie is the latest issue of JCS (only bought for the ornies in it, and I have to admit there are probably only 2 of them I’d consider stitching up, oh well), some 16ct Bay Leaf Aida for Mum, my Rainbow Gallery back orderered threads, a packet of 40557 Mill Hill beads (seeing as I still can’t find my other ones, and I need one to finish Lynn’s RR, plus this colour always comes in handy), 2 WDW threads I needed for upcoming projects, and finally some little buttons and charms for Christmas ornies coming up.

As far as my gift stitching is concerned, I have one entirely finished and it’s winging its way across the Pacific as we speak, as I managed to get to the Post Office late this arvo. I’d offer a sneak preview, but it might give it away 😉 We’ll just have to wait a week or so until it arrives at its destination, then all can be unveiled 😀

Not entirely sure what I’ll sit and do tonight – possibly some kitting up of some Christmas ornies, or perhaps starting my next bit of gift stitching … I dunno yet, but no doubt whatever I do it will be stitching-related 😀

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  1. Hope you enjoy your last day off, wouldn’t it be nice if all our mail came nicely wrapped sure would take some of the pain out of receiving the power bill!

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