$50 really well spent!!

And not a single cent of it was on stash! 🙂 Today I went for an appointment to a nerve manipulator, and was only in there for what felt like 2 minutes before I was all fixed up and paying my $50 on the way out! And boy, oh boy, does it feel sooooo good 😀 I have the full movement back in my right shoulder blade/arm again … there’s just a slight tenderness from the pummeling it got from Joy, but it feels exquisite! She reckons I’d done a really good job of trapping my nerve under the shoulder blade, and glad I hadn’t left it much longer, as it could have led to serious problems phew! So all-in-all money very well spent woohoo!!! 😀

Just a quick post today ‘cos I don’t really have anything else to say … feel quite shattered after a long day at work (very intense brain-wise today), and heading off for an early night – it’ll be so nice to get a full night’s sleep for a change {insert contented sigh here…}.

6 thoughts on “$50 really well spent!!”

  1. Well done and perfect timing!!! Last thing you need is permanent damage that didn’t have to happen, I’m so relieved for you!!!

    Good night sleep will help set the world right, especially with brain strain from work. Sometimes I think mental exhaustion is more debilitating than physical exhaustion.

  2. hooray! Good for you! I spent $65 on an osteopath and it didn’t make much difference :/ It’s slowly getting better by itself though 🙂

  3. Yay! How amazing that a little manipulation could set you to rights so quickly!! After the birth of my twins I had some lower back pain – took about five visits but what a difference!

  4. Oh, I am so glad to hear that you went in and got some immediate relief. I was getting a bit concerned. I’m glad you didn’t let it wait any longer. 🙂

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