Health all OK

My wee health scare yesterday was just a scare after all … all my test results came back OK, which is great news. Nothing concrete given as the reason for it happening, but we think perhaps my continued lack of sleep and the pain in my neck/shoulder/back just sent me over the edge. Let’s just say, the next time I do these shifts, I’ll be taking a sleeping tablet on the first night to get me in the rhythm … that is if I can find them! I was going to take one last night, but couldn’t find them – but even without them I managed to sleep off and on for 11 full hours … crikey!!

Didn’t do much today, aside from a bit of light housework (more tidying up in general), and making a big pot of pumpkin soup. Tonight I intend sitting on my big bum in front of the TV and trying to stitch for an hour or two and taking it easy – I picked up two DVD’s from Video Ezy before going to the GP (they’re right next door to one another … very convenient), so I’ll be watching The World’s Fastest Indian and Walking the Line. I couldn’t stitch at all last night ‘cos we had a power cut … the flat looked really pretty, though, with about 20 candles lit around the place 😉

That’s all for me for the night … Thanks for all your well wishes – they’ve been very very well received! {hugs}

17 thoughts on “Health all OK”

  1. How great that your tests came back okay, Anne, but how very scary for you! I know from past experience, lack of sleep does terrible things to your body. It sounds like the shifts you are working are taking a lot out of you. I hope you can catch up on some sleep.

  2. Whew! Glad to hear you’re okay…”just” exhausted!
    I had something similar happen to me a number of years ago. I was exhausted from not sleeping well; then twisted my ankle. Was standing in the bathroom the next morning and the ankle pain was so horrible so suddenly…I blacked out and woke up on the floor. Part was probably low blood sugar, but they decided it was mostly a reaction to the pain coupled with the exhaustion. Like, my body said “enough, already! Time out!”
    Take it easy and recover and relax!
    Lynn in southern NJ (CyberStitchers Chapter EGA)

  3. You’ve got a good plan there sweetie, especially knowing that you’re not battling something dire. However, sleep deprivation is not to be trifled with…..find those tablets!!!!

    Now keep to your promise to veg out, okay!!!!

  4. Thank goodness your tests all came back fine, Anne!
    I’ve been meaning to pick up Walk the Line at the DVD rental for a while now, you’ll have to tell me if it’s good! 🙂

    Hope you’re having (had?) a relaxing evening! (((Hugs)))

  5. Isn’t it amazing how loudly our bodies have to scream at us to get us to slow down sometimes? I’m glad that the test results revealed nothing serious. Now listen to your body and take it easy!!! *hug*

  6. Oh my gosh! I just read this now!!! Lucky for me, I got the whole story at once and already know you are OK! Scary, scary!!! {{{hugs}}}

  7. That was quite the scare you had! Glad to hear you are feeling better. You take care of your self and feel back to normal soon. 😀

  8. Oh Anne I just read about your wee scare, I’m so glad that your tests came back OK. – Now listen to your body and take it easy. Sending (((hugs)))

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