Empty flat once again …

I just walked in from dropping Mum off at the airport, and the flat seems awfully quiet and empty … it looks like a tornado hit, though, so I’ll be keeping busy tidying things up – there’s stuff everywhere! LOL. Thanks for all your comments too about Mum and I … I have to admit, we’re very lucky in that the relationship we have is very close – I certainly wasn’t ready to have her go home yet tonight.

For Mum’s last day we spent our time making up a couple of ornaments, and we went through my Christmas fabrics and cut off enough fabric for each one of Mum’s stitched ornaments for her to finish them off when she gets home. Mum reckons I’m being a very generous daughter, but then again I’m just giving a bit back for all the things she’s done tirelessly for me over the years 🙂 Mum made a very good comment the other day, in that I’ve hardly done any stitching while she’s been here, apart from the commitment stitching … and she’s right. Never mind, I’m sure I’ll get back into the swing of things again soon. On the other hand, Mum’s been stitching enough for both of us … as well as the ‘finished’ ones, here are Mum’s ornies that she’s stitched:

As for me, I finished up my ornament that was Mum’s gift this year, so she could take it home with her – and I managed to quickly finish off my Sweetheart Tree Strawberry Needleroll from my finishing pile while I was waiting for us to head to the airport this afternoon.

I was originally going to get cracking and do some more finishing when I got home, but I’m not entirely sure how keen I feel now … I feel really tired and flat, and could do with some ‘down time’. I’ve been having a lot of pain in my right shoulder blade area, and been using anti-inflammatory cream for the last week or so to try and ease it … today I’ve started taking some Voltaren tablets to see if that helps, as it’s been so painful it’s been keeping me from sleeping properly each night as the pain wakes me up. If it keeps up in a week’s time, I’ll have to see a GP about it as it’s really getting me down, and it’s been niggling ever since we did our spot of DIY after the Hong Kong trip.

Anyway, off to tidy up a bit so I can at least see a small portion of the lounge floor …

13 thoughts on “Empty flat once again …”

  1. I always feel quite “flat” when friends or family leave here after a stay. Some downtime sounds reasonable to me. Love all those ornies – wow!!!

  2. Your mums ornies are wonderful. Like you and Barbara, it always seems flat and horrible when family goes home, just have some quiet time to yourself and get that shoulder sorted.

  3. Hope you’re able to get some rest and get that shoulder working properly again really soon, Anne!!

    Gorgeous stitching and finishing. What a great feeling of accomplishment you must feel. 😀

  4. WOW all those ornies your Mum has stitched, well done to her.

    I always feel sad when my parents leave when they’ve been staying.

    I hope your shoulder gets better soon.

  5. I am so happy you and your mum get along so great. I lost mine when and my new brother I was 9 years old. Michelle-ozark crafter

  6. Oh they have turned out well! (having seen them while June was still working on them). Hey ANNE!
    Be careful of those Voltaren tablets; somebody told me today they have been taken off the market because they are known to contribute to heart attack and stroke…ugh – watch yourself. Instead of tablets, go get yourself some remedial massage. I have one fortnightly and I walk out of there on air… you know what MY job entails!

  7. Anne, it looks like you are getting quite a collection of needlerolls, do you display them as a group? Or do you display them as part of all your smalls? Perhaps you don’t display them at all and they are all in a cupboard (I don’t believe that!)
    Perhaps you could satisfy my curiosity with a photo 🙂

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