Redwork dilemmas

I’ve decided I really need more experience in doing finishing of items – I am so disappointed with my redwork piece, it’s not funny … I was so proud of it last night when it went under a pile of books to be pressed, but when I uncovered it at 3am when I came in from work my heart sank … and I have absolutely no time to stitch something else instead, so I’m going to have to send it as it is 😦 To be honest, it looks really nice, but it’s part of the functionality of it that I’m disappointed with. This is a finishing technique I’ve got the original design and everything all kitted up to do for myself, and I’ll be modifying a lot of their instructions for it next time. Time will tell if my recipient feels the same way as I do … I’m probably making it sound much worse than it actually is – it is basically just the ‘hinge’ that is too long so it flops around … I have a way to compensate for it, but I don’t know if I can find the hardware anywhere here, and it has to be in the mail straightaway.

I’m also miss cranky pants this morning, so that might be colouring my judgement as well, and perhaps I’m being overly critical of my efforts … I had a really rough night at work (on the 6pm-2am shift to help someone out) with some ‘interesting challenges’ and couldn’t get to sleep until almost 4am, then some kids playing soccer in the middle of the street and a noisy lorikeet sitting screeching in front of my bedroom window woke me up very early, so I’ve only had about 5-6 hours sleep. My eyes feel like little slits 😦 Hopefully that won’t mean me falling asleep in the movie theatre today, as I’m taking Mum to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 before she goes home … I’d better get running and get dressed, as it starts in an hours time for the session I want to go to …

Thanks for comments about the framing – I have to admit I bought a matcutter in the US years ago, and haven’t used it yet, and I brought that back with me with my last lot of freight, so I definitely do want to learn to do my own framing eventually, and I’ll start looking for some cheap frames to use (good suggestion from Gina to check out the op shops too!). I have to admit, I’ve laced a couple of things before, so that’s not too major … come to think of it, there’s really no excuse for those smaller jobs! 😉

Rightio, the Pirates wait for no-one, so time to get a hurry on …

8 thoughts on “Redwork dilemmas”

  1. I’m sure it’ll be fine 🙂 We’re all our own worst critics. I’m not 100% happy with the redwork exchange I sent either, but I’m hoping the recipient will forgive me. Sometimes things come out beautifully and sometimes less so!

    Did you enjoy Pirates? I loved it! Did you stay until the end of the credits? If you didn’t there’s a fun clip at the end and I can tell you what it was 🙂

  2. You’ve probably finished a dozen other projects you really liked before this one that you didn’t. I recently finished a piece of work I really looked forward to doing and I loathe the finished product too. Don’t panic or be hard on yourself. It’s just the way it is.

  3. I bet your redwork really is fine, Anne! I know I’m always too hard on myself when the finishing isn’t absolute perfection. Hope you enjoyed the movie!

  4. I will chime in with the rest to say that I’m sure that your finish nowhere near as bad as you think it is. I bet your recipient won’t even know that there is a thing wrong with it. 😉

  5. You must not be allowed anymore comments on your more recent needleroll post, so I’ll have to post my comments here!

    That needleroll is absolutely fabulous! Woo Hoo! I’m sure Nicki will just love it.

    Don’t worry so much about your redwork finishing – we are always more critical of our work than we probably need to be. I have to admit that I had some trouble with mine too, but I think it will be okay and yours will too!

  6. Hi Anne:

    As the very happy recipient of your redwork exchange, I can attest to the fact that your finishing is wonderful and I do very much love what you made. I do also like your idea of finding a hanger for display, maybe a little wrought iron heart, but it is wonderful and very useful as it. I have it sitting beside my stitching spot so I can admire it as I stitch. Thank you so much for stitching for me. Take care, Nancy

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