Gobsmacked by Kindness

My apologies for not posting for a wee while, or for reading blogs, but I haven’t been spending much time online for the last week due to other commitments. I was supposed to be in bed 20 minutes ago, as I’m on 6am starts this week (and boy oh boy am I feeling it hmmm), but I wanted to post about some wonderful mail I’ve received after I got home from Hong Kong … unfortunately I had a major brain meltdown and forgot about posting about it – I picked it up from the PO Box and was very touched when I opened the envelope and saw all the goodies inside, but then got really sick on the way home and ended up spending the rest of the night laying down … then the parcel got moved by Mum and it didn’t jog a reminder. So, a huge apology to dear sweet Cathy, who not only sent me a piece of lining fabric for the Bee’s Garden chart (by Wendy KC Designs), but also a pile of DMC threads and a gorgeous chart by Glory Bee called Priceless – I knew the fabric was on its way, but the rest of the goodies were a total surprise … thanks from the bottom of my heart Cathy – you’re a total sweetheart, and I love everything! 😀

I also have one more parcel to post about, but I’ll leave that until tomorrow, so I can drag out sharing my wonderful spoils over two days … but what a lucky girl I’ve been! 😀

I also had a wonderful visit from Gina and Sharon on Saturday, that I’ll post about tomorrow as well … unfortunately I only had about 5 hours sleep on Sunday, and 6-7 hours last night, with the same happening tonight, so I really must get to bed now.

14 thoughts on “Gobsmacked by Kindness”

  1. How nice of Cathy! I am in the same boat as you… I got this magnificent parcel on Saturday from a certain Kiwi in Australia… just need to find time to post about it and thank her properly 😉 You are the bestest!! {{{Hugs}}} I am hoping to work on Bordeaux Sampler sometime this week (at work) now that the dreaded review is over! I can’t wait!! I am sure I won’t get much done though.

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