Over the hump … almost

Today is day 4 of my working week – and with any luck I’ll be allowed to take Friday off as an optional RDO (rostered day off) … if that’s the case, then I’m officially sitting on the 2/3 mark of my week … if not, I still have 3 days left. Saturday I’m heading off with a lady from work to Gippsland Art Gallery in Sale (about 3 hours drive away from Melbourne) to visit the Annemieke Mien Exhibition. This is exciting for two reasons – 1) I’ve never been to Gippsland before, and 2) Annemieke Mein’s work is absolutely stunning, and it will be fantastic to see it first-hand. I’ll take my camera with me just in case we’re allowed to take photos 🙂 Here are some links to her works: here and here (this is the exhibit I’m going to) 😀

Another quiet night tonight, but I feel really relaxed – on the 9am-5pm shifts the traffic to and from work is horrific … with no traffic it’s a 20 minute drive, but on this shift it can be 1 whole hour – I got so fed up and uptight in the traffic yesterday that I decided to leave the car at home today, and walked to the train station to take the train to work … how wonderful, I arrived at work totally unstressed, and feel the same way after coming home – I think it’s going to be a permanent arrangement on this shift yippee! (It also means I have to get my fat bottom in motion and get a bit of walking in to and from the station, so yet another positive! haha)

Today more stash arrived in my mailbox – my subscription to the Australian Inspirations magazine from Country Bumpkin (actually, my subscription must be due to expire soon hmmm) … this month has a lovely surface stitchery bag on the cover – I probably wouldn’t have the patience to stitch it myself, but it’s absolutely gorgeous! 😀 And not just that today, but my magazine arrived complements of KarenV from the UK, with the Margaret Sherry booklet I wanted – including the 12 days of Christmas charts. But there was an added treat, with some gorgeous Egyptian designs in the magazine as well – a definite added bonus! Thanks again Karen, for helping me out – your blood is worth bottling!! {{huge hugs}}

Now I’m off to do a spot of stitching for an hour before I hit the hay for the night – seeing as I didn’t get chance to get any of the Bordeaux Sampler done last week, I want to get an hour each night for the next 3 nights so I can post a progress piccie on Friday for my SAL with Carol 🙂

4 thoughts on “Over the hump … almost”

  1. AnneS, you wonderful woman, you!! The postman has made me so happy by bringing your wonderful birthday gifts! I love it – all of it!!!

    Good luck getting your day off. And enjoy the exhibit!!

  2. Glad the magazine arrived safely – that was so fast! It takes longer to get to Europe or the US sometimes than it does to go Down Under!

    Enjoy the exhibit – hope you get the extra day off 🙂

  3. Hi Anne, hope you enjoy the exhibition, it sounds very interesting. Aren’t those Inspiration magazines lovely – I don’t think I’ve ever done any of the lovely projects from them but you can always drool, lol.

  4. I love to treat myself to an Inspirations every now and then! Sure to give you sweet dreams if read before bed. 😀

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