No stitching today

It’s been a very busy weekend so far, but none of it was planned and none of it was really thought out … it just kinda ‘happened’. The fact is my little flat is an icebox in winter – it has ducted heating, but the pilot light has gone out, and I’ve got to find time for the landlord to come round to light it etc. In the meantime, I have windows in the lounge that aren’t quite shut properly because the wood must have swollen up a bit with the wet weather … and it has a little winding mechanism to open and close them, so I can’t even give it a good yank to get it closed … I’m also 3 floors up from the ground, so I can’t pop outside and push it closed hmmm.

On top of that the balcony door has a 1/2cm gap at the top of it where it doesn’t close nice and flush, and the kitchen window has an extractor fan in it, which of course has the opening in it … my kitchen/dining/lounge is all open plan, so that all adds up to a cool draught on most days/nights. Anyway, I popped into Spotlight and picked up some cheapo curtains on sale – and I’ve spent part of yesterday and this morning getting the balcony ones ironed and put up on the rods … only to find they’re about 30cm short of reaching the floor oops. Oh well, it’s still got to be better than nothing … I’ll just have to add on an extra piece of something at the bottom to lengthen them (I only paid $20 for the pair for the balcony, so they’re hardly heirlooms). I also spent the rest of the morning ironing up sheets and bedding etc for the spare bedroom, and putting an electric blanket on it (brought over from NZ – thanks Mum) … and doing a bit more housework.

I really should be doing some more housework or stitching now, but I’ve decided to take a break and try and catch up on a tiny bit of blogging – I still have almost 500 unread posts in there, as well as loads that have since gone into archive … there are about a dozen favourite blogs that I’ll be trawling through the archives, but I hope by the end of this week to be back to square one, and ready to get back into a routine again – and that includes stitching, blogs and life in general …

Now, just for the sake of it, I’ll fill out this questionnaire that I found on Rowyn’s blog, just to get me back into blogging mode 🙂

1) What is your occupation? Senior Sales Consultant for an international airline
2) What colour are your socks right now? Blue (what else could it be?!)
3) What are you listening to now? MoreFM online (Auckland radio station)
4) What was the last thing you ate? Toast with breakfast marmalade
5) Favourite colour? Blue
6) Music Preference? Love most music except opera, country & western, and rap (although I like some of Eminem) – probably prefer rock/pop
7) Last person you talked to on the phone? Dawn
8) How old are you today? 40 years and almost 4 months
9) Favourite drink? Jim Beam and L&P
10) What is your favorite sport to watch? If I’m forced to watch anything, I’d struggle less if it’s rugby union (can you tell I’m not a sports fan in any shape or form??)
11) Have you ever dyed your hair? Yep – still keep blonde highlights in my hair
12) Do you wear contacts or glasses? Nope, but I’m about to get some glasses again after having my eyes lasered about 10 years ago – bummer
13) Pets? Nope – but seriously considering asking the landlord whether I could keep a cat here after doing a bit more homework about having ‘indoor cats’
14) What will you stay home to watch? ER, followed by NCIS, Lost and Amazing Race
15) What was the best movie you have seen lately? Can’t say any have stood out for me … one of my fave ‘recent’ movies was Pirates of the Caribbean, though, and I’m looking forward to seeing the sequel
16) What is your favourite day of the year? Pay day
17) What do you do to vent your anger? Shut myself away and take time out to calm down
18) What was your favourite toy as a child? Don’t remember my childhood prior to being 10, so not entirely sure … I do know I loved my Enid Blyton collection of books and was gutted that I had to leave them all behind when we moved to NZ, though
19) Vanilla/Chocolate? Depends – prefer vanilla flavoured things … but love actual chocolate (milk and white, not dark)
20) Living arrangements? Flat/apartment block on my own
21) When was the last time you cried? Watching a soppy movie
22) What did you do last night? Housework, and sorting out my embroidery corner in the lounge, as it was a shambles – ended up tidying up all my flosses a bit as well seeing as I had some more flossaway bags (thanks again Nancy)
23) Favourite smell? Opium perfume, and vanilla
24) What inspires you? People with an open mind that are non-judgemental, and live life without hurting others
25) Least favourite person right now? Probably still my ex-flatmate

6 thoughts on “No stitching today”

  1. Hi Anne, Thank you for your nice comments…. I think I might answer those 25 questions, guess who my least favourite person would be? Re the cat question, I had an indoor cat in my little apartment in Paris for a year (she was my boss’s cat, he was in the UK and she couldn’t go too), and she was great. She used to curl up and watch tv while I stitched, although she would sometimes get jealous of the stitching and try to get between me and it. She looked very funny the day she put her head through a needlepoint frame while I was doing the needlepoint and miaowed loudly to tell me I should be paying more attention to her. I would love to have a cat now, but just can’t with all the travelling…

  2. Good luck with the reading of blogs hon 🙂 Hope you have a few hours to do this in..

    Oooh winter where you are sounds just perfect right now, while I am sitting in temps of 32 deg on the Kent Coast. Can you send some very cold weather over the big pond, back home – I hate this heat..

    Hope you dont mind but I borrowed your 25 questions 🙂


  3. Your scissor fob is wonderful! Love the colors!

    I don’t envy you living in a drafty house during the winter. I guess it’s time to break out the flannel and hot chocolate! 😀

  4. Sounds a bit like my apartment in the winter. A former landlord did put new windows in, which has helped a little but he didn’t know what he was doing. Now I get the top halves of the windows that like to drop about a half inch to almost 4 inches, and I’m not very tall (5 feet even barefoot) so I have to use a broom to get them back up. Half the time I feel as though I’m going to smash the windows. I have a quarter of a stained glass window in my front quarter closet which lets air in. We also have all utilites, and you never know when the heat’s going to come on. I’ve had my fingers turn blue and not have the heat come on for over 8 hours and just when I’m getting warm and the temp outside is just shy of 55 or so the heat comes on full blast. And in the summer it’s like a blast furnace and takes some ingenuity to try and keep cool.

  5. Oh, Anne, so glad you have the electric blanket to snuggle under!! Make an appointment with your landlord to get that pilot light going again and maybe do something about those windows! You need all the heat for yourself. 😀

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