Sorry no piccies of stash yet

While doing some unpacking I came across my mail art exchange, that I’d totally forgotten about during my last few days socialising in Auckland – and the deadline is due NOW (literally!) … unfortunately I’m going to be late posting my exchange piece, which I really hate doing, but it means all my energies are going into getting that into the mail by the end of the week, and blogging’s going by the wayside yet again until then. The front is all finished apart from the address, which I’m about to stitch now – and the back is all charted up ready to go … then I just have to tackle the actual finishing, which I have absolutely no idea about – by the plan is to have it all done by Friday and in the post … crikey!!

Just wanted to post a quick note to apologise in advance if anyone is waiting for emails etc … I’ll get back to you just as soon as I can when I’ve managed to drag myself away from my stitching this week …

6 thoughts on “Sorry no piccies of stash yet”

  1. Anne-finishing a mail art is very easy. I have no sewing skills and have made 4. Basically what I do is sew a lining fabric to my mailart rectangle,I leave a little hole so I can turn it right side out, then whip stitch that closed, then fold up the envelope part and whip stitch the sides together. I’ve been using velcro dots at the top for closing the envelope. Hope this makes sense. It’s easy, easy, easy.

  2. As Jenna says, we’ll be here waiting for you, Anne! The really hard part is catching up again. I still haven’t caught up completely from a couple of weeks ago.

  3. Good luck with the mailart, its easy to finish honestly, looking forward to you getting back and shopwing your stash, we’ll be waiting.

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