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Thanks for your lovely comments about my first ever biscornu – I have to admit, it was very hard giving it up ;P A couple of quick answers while I’m waiting for dinner to heat up tonight …

For Katrina – the DMC thread number is a figment of my imagination … my apologies, it’s actually an Anchor thread, and the colour is 1349 (oops … slight blonde moment there LOL). I just love the colours of this thread – especially the turquoise splashes in it 🙂

For Rani – unfortunately I’d ripped the pages out of the magazine, and I’ve checked each page but there’s absolutely no reference to the month/year it was from. I’ve scanned the full page of the design for you, if that helps. As you can see, though, I only used a marginal part of the design, so it might not be that helpful to you. Hopefully if you click on the piccie, it will be large enough for you to read the print … Actually, Blogger won’t load whatsoever, so try the link here (hopefully this will take you to a photo loaded into Photobucket … hopefully!).

For Sharon – sorry my NR wasn’t a commercial chart for you to buy 😦 You can probably work most of the design out by the stitched photo, though, if you’re wanting to recreate it 🙂

For Sharon in Melbourne – I haven’t forgotten you, gorgeous lady! I’ve just been in antisocial mode last week, and this week to a certain extent … If it’s OK, I’ll call you when I get back from NZ for us to catch up properly … I’ve saved all the L&L angel charts for you to look through and claim anything you want 🙂

And to anyone else I owe emails to … a thousand apologies!! I’m so very very behind in keeping up to date with pretty much everything at the moment, and struggling to play catch up 😦 June is another month, huh?

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  1. Thank you! I think that may help me. I certainly wouldn’t have found it had I been looking at your finished piccie!

  2. Have a wonderful trip home A… Please give your Mum a great big hug from me and trll her I think of her often… Loook foreward to spending some time with you when you touch Aussie space again… Have a safe trip and I will see you when you return..

  3. Anne, I’m with you far behind the pack, lol! As you say, June is another month and we can make every effort to catch up again. 😀

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