Another great day of stitching

I managed to stitch for an entire day again today, and got the front of my biscornu completed … I’m struggling with what to do on the back – I was originally going to echo a lot of the front design, but it’s taken me two days to get the front finished – and literally all day today – so I’m starting to change my mind, or I’ll never get it finished. Today is my last free day for stitching for a while, so I might have to leave it plain just to meet the deadline 😦

Back to work again tomorrow (it was a public holiday today for ANZAC Day), but it’s only a two-day week for me this week, as I’m taking Friday off work to pick Glenn & Tracey up from the airport – then on Saturday they head off somewhere else, and I head up the coast for the night … hence no stitching planned for the weekend. Then next week I only have Mon/Tue to work as a day shift worker, then it’s back to real shift work again. I have to admit, my body has loved having the regular bedtimes and hours, and mealtimes, but it won’t be long before it’s getting assaulted by weird hours again … my bank balance will be happy, though haha.

Seeing as I still haven’t got stitching piccies to share again, I’ll post yet another photo from my collection … there aren’t many left to share now, as my photo collection is back in NZ – it would be nice to have some of them here … perhaps I’ll have to pick up some more on my visit home next month 🙂 This photo is of one of my favourite flowers – frangipani, taken in Fiji a few years ago 🙂 This flower will always bring back special memories of my time in Fiji – I have a silk version of frangipani flowers on a tall stem in a glass vase here, as well as a painted plaster of paris type ornament (just one big flower) … one day I’ll eventually get around to stitching my Just Jude XS kit too … one day ;P

10 thoughts on “Another great day of stitching”

  1. It won’t be bad if there’s nothing stitched on the back. But maybe, just an idea, you’ll find the time to stitch yours and the recipients initals on the back…. 🙂

  2. I agree with Bine. You don’t see the bottom anyway, so no harm, no foul is there is nothing there. I would also agree that you should personalize it on the bottom, though, if you have time. You could just put a simple border, the initials and the year?

    Beautiful picture again! I’ve never seen frangipani, but they look gorgeous. 🙂

  3. Oooo, pretty frangipani! Always wanted to see that in real life! Can’t wait to see your stitching update pics!

  4. Frangipani is a new flower to me; it’s beautiful!
    It always seems to be the way things go, something looks so quick and easy to stitch always take longer that we think. I think the initials on the bottom of the biscornu would be quite quick and very nice!
    Enjoy your time away, Anne!!

  5. Frangipani is very easy to grow, just snap off a piece and it will grow in soil. So if you find some, easy peasy!!

  6. Hi Anne,you are doing brilliantly with the stitching…… congratulations also on attending the Guidance Group! I was petrified before my first one as well, and ended up loving them – 3rd Saturday of the month became the highlight of the month for me. I really miss them, there isn’t anything like that in Paris that I’ve found, even if I were actually at home for more than a few days a month. In Nicosia one of the reasons I am enjoying doing the Lekaritika is that I get to do it with other people, even if communications are limited slightly by my rudimentary Greek.

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