Squishy mail and Happy Easter to all!

My red wine celebration saw me in bed by 6.30pm last night haha … perhaps a little too much reflection and celebration, coupled with still getting over my virus and too little food LOL. Oh well, if nothing else, I got a great nights sleep!

A quick note for Nicki – have to admit, my parapenting was getting me ready for a parachute jump (the photo is us almost ready to start running to the ‘cliff’ edge to jump off). It was a really rough day weather/wind-wise, and when we first got airborne, my stomach was flip-flopping really badly and I absolutely hated it (I get travel sick, and it was an awful sensation) … eventually my guide spun us round is a 360deg circle, then it felt OK, and I enjoyed it immensely from then on … when we landed it was a big hairy, and we hit a pocket of air and plummeted then got dragged a bit when we hit the ground as a wind gust grabbed the chute – the main worry was when the ground crew came over, and said “that was a bit scary, wasn’t it?” … “what was” I asked? … “When the ‘chute collapsed” came the reply. So now I know what free-falling feels like, and parachute jumping is definitely out of my list of things to do ;P Bungy jumping is also on my ‘never’ list. As for the Auckland visit, I’ve already told Mum I’m going to try to catch up with you, so she knows one night I won’t be at home – might even try a get-together from StitchNZ ‘generally’ as well. I’d offer our house, but the lounge is tiny – if it’s OK it’d be safer if I come visit you, as I’ll have Dad’s car … but I’ll chat more about that via email. As soon as I work out which days I can take off work as annual leave, I’ll be able to plan a bit more – looking forward to catching up 😀

Rightio, here’s my squishy mail photo I promised last night – all fabrics from Silkweaver … from the top, and each line from left to right, there is – 40ct Meadow Rue Lakeside Linens (for Quaker Bulb ornie), 40ct Summer Khaki Newcastle linen (for Perfect Gifts ornie), 2 x pieces Cream Belfast linen (for my Stitching Leporello), 32ct Raw Opalescent Belfast linen (for Sweetheart Tree bellpull ornie plus some other SW ones), 36ct Sand Edinborough linen (for Drawn Thread Halloween scissor pocket and fob), 40ct Autumn Gold Lakeside Linen (originally a gift for someone, but it didn’t turn up on time, and has been on backorder for a few months now), and my last Silkweaver FOTM (I cancelled my membership at the end of the last month ready for living in the ‘extreme’ poor house) a 28ct Parkland Cashel linen – I have no plans for the Parkland linen, but thought the shade might come in handy ‘one day’ ;P It means I can now continue kitting up some more projects for the upcoming months (especially my Xmas ornies).

I was just talking to Mum for a couple of hours today (again), and I’ve been planning the whole coming weekend out with her – it’s amazing how uncluttered my mind feels at the moment … mind you, that’s not to say the fog won’t return in a day or two teehee. I feel like I’ve got the head space and energy ready to get back to my routines again … feels good 🙂 Talking of which, I’d better hurry up and post this, as I have housework to tend to before I’m allowing myself to sit down and stitch. I had a bit more of a think a night or two ago about my Melanie’s Exchange piece, and I just have to put it down on paper to see if it will work, but it’s a step closer to getting it actually done …

I’ll close by wishing everyone a safe and Happy Easter, and hope that wherever you spend it, you’re surrounded by love 🙂

9 thoughts on “Squishy mail and Happy Easter to all!”

  1. If the activity entails heights and falling, you’ll find me in the corner cowering, lol!

    Love seeing your glorious squishy mail!!

    Enjoy your Easter weekend, Anne. 😀

  2. Oooo, pretty fabrics – love them!!!! I am so sad to hear you had to cancel your FOTM. I know you are a Silkweaver Floozie too… sad, sad…

    Happy Easter!!

  3. Your squishy mail is terrific. As for canceling the Silkweaver FOTM, it’s something I’ve also decided to do. The selections have really been sadly lacking in recent months, and I don’t see the situation improving. I’ll use that money to buy “exactly” what I want for projects in the future.

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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