Thanks for the nice comments

The feedback on my echidna is very much appreciated. It’s amazing how many wonderful creatures are only in Australia – when I first started looking for XS charts to stitch, I was astounded at all the weird and wonderful critters out there in this huge land.

Well, today was a very challenging day in more ways than one … in sympathy with Isabelle with her migraine, I started to get one too – thankfully a few tablets knocked it on the head, and it didn’t worsen to a full-blown migraine. It did keep me off work, though, which gave me chance to eventually get quite a few things done … especially two chores I hadn’t been looking forward to. I managed to put Mum out of a job, and got about 4 weeks worth of ironing done – I absolutely detest ironing with a passion … and the only reason it got done tonight, is because I was running out of clothes for work! LOL. I was joking to Mum on the phone yesterday that it was time she came back over ‘cos I was running out of clothes … Mum adores ironing, and it’s definitely one thing that didn’t get passed down the gene pool!

The second onerous chore was to apply for debt consolidation – I really hate discussing finances etc, but found out I could apply online, and got the response back immediately. Turns out I have ‘preliminary’ approval for a personal loan, so I could pay a few things off and just have to make one payment – which will make things a LOT better for me financially … I’ll probably end up paying more in the long run, but at least it won’t be as crippling in the short term. I’ve had to ‘make do’ for so long now, it will be nice not to have the same constraints around my shoulders … but I shouldn’t be counting my chickens before they’re hatched, as I still haven’t go the ‘official’ approval yet. Fingers crossed I’ll find out in about two weeks time …

I was going to drag out an old UFO tonight, but it’s 9pm already, and I’m pretty wrecked, so will have an early night so I can try to keep this headache at bay. I think perhaps I may have overdone it with stitching that echidna yesterday hmmm.

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  1. It seems we were at least 3 to suffer from migraine at the same time: you, Isabelle and me… Hope you are going to feel better soon!

  2. My mom used to leave the ironing for Grandma to do when she came to visit….now Mom does MY ironing when she comes to visit ME!! LOL

    Hope the migraine doesn’t hang about for too long…

  3. Mom loves ironing? Oh please send her my way LOL 🙂 I hate it as well, I now make a point to try to buy clothes that won’t need it and I try to get everything out of the dryer immediately to prevent wrinkling in the few things that do need it.

  4. {{{{Hugs}}}} Anne, so sorry to hear about the migraine. Hope it disappears quickly.

    I hate ironing too – I should be doing some right now, but I’m reading blogs instead 😉

    Good luck with the debt thing – we’re STILL trying to pay off the small loan we took out when we bought our car, so I totally sympathize. Hope you can work something out that will ease things for you.

  5. Well, I’m going to be an alien among you … I actually don’t mind ironing 🙂 Would much rather iron than clean any day!!!

    Hope that migraine has disappeared!

  6. Sorry to hear about the migraine! And I can totally relate about the ironing I will do anything not to have to iron. Sad really, it’s not that horrible…well okay yeah it is… 😉

  7. Hi Anne…

    I sure hope your headache stays away.

    I only iron when I absolutely have to! (Luckily, my daughter doesn’t mind…) But, why is it I don’t mind pressing my stitching?


  8. I am an odd one with Mel who doesn’t mind ironing. However, it’s kinda low on the priority list, so I usually end up ironing my dh’s shirt right before he leaves for the office! I sometimes even iron my dish towels if they come out of the laundry terribly wrinkled. It just makes me happy when I open the drawer and see them neatly folded and pressed.
    Please don’t throw things at me, lol!

  9. I am so sorry Anne that you are having a time with the migraines. ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))) As you know my mom suffers from them but has done so well over the past 4 months and has had very few. I am so grateful to her new doctor-someone that actually listens to her and has helped her. I hope that yours will grow few and far between.

    Take care my friend!

  10. Ask your doc if your migraines are seasonal (I am new to your blog, so I wouldn’t know). Apparently it is to do with the sun being lower in the sky and always catching your eye. Not sure what to do about them if so, maybe make sure you wear a hat?

    Ironing – I set up in front of the TV, and ‘watch’ a movie, it goes by quickly then. I don’t see any movie, but do hear it. There again if I stitch in front of the TV, I miss it all anyway. I try not to hate it as I love the ironed clothes, it gives me a sense of pride. Keep well, hugs

  11. Ironing! Ha! My family is finally learning to only give us clothing gifts that are wash-n-wear. LOL

    I hope your headache backed off and that you’re feeling fine now. Your little critter was so cute – I can well imagine he was hard to part with!

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