3rd happy dance for today!

Yes, that’s right, yet another project has hit the finishing pile today – the latest one is Bilberry by Shepherd’s Bush … this has been a UFO for a while, as I couldn’t work out how to do the hemstitching bands. After completing my Love needleroll at the start of this year, and using a different instruction book I have, I decided it would be a quick project to finish off, seeing as I’ve now tried and succeeded in hemstitching, and I wasn’t in the mood to tackle my Marine Elegance today as my concentration wasn’t quite ‘up to it’. I can thank KarenV partly for this – after seeing her latest Shepherd’s Bush finishes, it reminded me I had this in my UFO pile, and it wasn’t too far off finishing, so I thought it was time it saw daylight again. I put a sheet of coloured paper behind the fabric while I was scanning it, so the fabric looks off-white, but it showed up the hemstitching etc better that way.

Phew, three finishes in 24 hours … don’t expect to see any more for a while! LOL.

12 thoughts on “3rd happy dance for today!”

  1. WOW! Congratulations for your finishes. All the pic looks great, and i especially love the shepherd bush design. Honestly, haven’t done hemstitching yet. It seems so difficult…

  2. Darn girl! Look how busy you’ve been. Congratulations on all 3 finishes. Can you do some stitching for me, too, while you’re at it? LOL. Are you joining in the stitch-a-thon this weekend on Friends Gather?

  3. This is lovely. Wow 3 finishes in 24hrs – go girl go!! LOL!! You are putting me to shame, I’ll have to get myself sorted and do some of mine.

  4. How funny… I was just finishing up A Mother’s Love Needleroll from Shepherd’s Bush and the hemstitching also gave me a bit of trouble at first, but then I finally got the hang of it!

    Anyway, I love your finish! So pretty!

  5. Wow, your needles must be burnt to a crisp by now! 😉

    Bilberry looks gorgeous – that’s the final one of the 5 that I’ll be stitching and it looks so pretty and delicate. Congratulations Anne!

  6. Wonderful finish — your Shep Bush is lovely. I saw the long sampler Karen is creating — it is too kewl!!

    Are you going to add more rows, too? This looks lovely as is.

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