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Squishy mail :)

I have to say my heart sank when I saw the PO Box worker carry my parcel to the counter before work yesterday, thinking my outstanding Silkweaver fabric was sitting impatiently for me to pick it up … my disappointment was tangible … BUT, when I took the parcel from him, my curiosity was aroused – I wasn’t expecting another parcel … imagine my total surprise and sheer joy to find a birthday gift from Bine – and at a time that couldn’t have been any better if she’d tried. It put a huge smile on my face, and I am very very touched at this generous gift. Bine, you’re a real sweetheart – and I love everything in it! Now, if that’s a “little” piece of linen for me to try, I’d hate to see a big one … my parcel contained some 32ct Permin Country Linen in the colour “shell” – I’d admired it for Bine’s DT Gameboard Sampler, and now I get to stitch on some in real life … it really is beautiful – the colour is gorgeous, and I love the feel of Permin linens (that’s what the Dratteds are stitched on). Bine also sent a gorgeous little address book, and some scrummy beads … funnily enough, I used to do some beading projects, and have been thinking of getting back into it again, so they will come in handy not just for stitching, but for other projects as well. Thanks so much, Bine, for your gift – it was very generous, and very very welcomed 🙂 {{hugs}}

I’ve been managing to keep my nerves etc under check quite well about the interview results, but my subconscious was having a harder time trying to keep itself under wraps, it seems … I was awake almost every hour last night, and especially struggled to sleep after 4am – the interview results at the forefront of my mind each time. Oh well, only a couple of hours left before I get put out of my misery and I get told either way … regardless, I still feel quite positive about keeping to the mantra “it is what it is” … I think ;P

I’m glad today is almost my final late shift for the week – I have taken tomorrow off work so that I can go to my ‘official’ birthday dinner with Ben and friends … we’re going to Cafe Platia, my favourite mediterranean/Greek restaurant with chargrilled calamari, souvlaki, lamb on the spit, various dips and saganaki etc … I’m drooling just thinking about it – I’ve only ever ordered off the menu before, and adore their food, but this time they’re putting a banquet on for us as there is a group of 15. And on the upside from last week, I’m getting the $65 back from my best friend. When asked how much I hate him, my reply was just that I was disappointed and that life is too short for hate … boy, oh boy, living on my own and ‘finding myself’ again has been fantastic – I’m finding it so much easier to ‘let things go’ again. As long as I have my stitching, I’m happy haha.

Talking of which, I’d better go dry my hair from my shower, and try to take my mind off today for an hour and pick my stitching up – I really want to get my little gift finished so I can post it off … then my next project has to be the WTC quilt square – hmmm, after that, who knows? LOL. With any luck my threads will be on their way any day now from NZ, so I can catch up on my “Marine Elegance” (I’m soooo behind now!) – and I also have two more charity squares I’ve promised, so I think I should probably stitch those first before getting carried away with other things … then I think it’s time I get my A into G and get back into my rotation again …

Thanks again for all your supportive comments – that’s another reason I’ve found it easier to roll with life’s punches these days … having the emotional support from you all, even though we’re miles apart and never met, it really does help to bolster you up. I appreciate it greatly, and love you all for your kind thoughts and comments 🙂 {{hugs}} And there was no need to send a ‘pick me up’ gift, Carol – but that’s very typical of you, you’re soooo generous, and just an all-round gorgeous person with a big heart! {{hug}} In saying that, though, I’ll be stalking my PO Box in a week’s time haha.

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  1. Oh, I can’t wait to hear the results of your interview! I’m glad that you’re keeping to the mantra, but it’s a little tough sometimes, isn’t it? 😉 Your official birthday dinner sounds really yummy, so have some well-seasoned lamb for me, okay? I’m glad that you are getting your money back and that you are able to forgive so easily. You’ve come a long way, baby! 😀

  2. How marvelous to find an unexpected gift in the mail!! It really is quite a wonderful thing to have friends of all sorts, irl and blogging/forums, for encouragement and fun whenever needed! 😀

  3. Anne, I’m so glad that you’re getting your money back! That’s great news 🙂

    Have a fabulous time at your birthday dinner – the food sounds so yummy – and I’ll be thinking of you and your interview results today!

    Have a great weekend!

    Hugs 🙂

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