A bit of melancholy

Thanks for everyone’s comments on my scrapbook page – I have to admit, Jenna, this really was my very first attempt … and I can’t say it’s something I’ll be continuing – I think it could be a very expensive hobby, and stitching’s enough for me for the time being. It was fun putting that page together, though – and it was nice to be ‘creative’ for a change :))

Well, this is very very brief, as I’ve been laid up with a throw-up migraine most of the day. I’ve only been out of bed for 4 hours today, and thought I’d try to catch up on blogs, but managed to get through about 4 of them, and gave up. So, I’m about to switch the PC off again, and have a quiet night – I’m hoping to start stitching a small project, but not sure how my head is going to take it just yet …

Anyway, I’m going to stitch the Thistle Treasure Bag by M Designs – those of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while may recognise the design … it’s what the lovely angel Tobie sent me for a gift. You may also not know, but Tobie has apparently been very ill, and it felt appropriate for me to stitch this piece while I’m thinking of her at the moment – I know you won’t be reading this, Tobie, but my thoughts are with you at this time, and hope your recovery is a quick one {{hugs}}. If anyone has some prayers spare, I’m sure they’d be appreciated 🙂

Fingers crossed I’ll be fighting fit again tomorrow, so I can clear that backlog of blog posts … I thought there were only about 200 to read, but I was wrong – as at this afternoon there were 318! Yikes!!

12 thoughts on “A bit of melancholy”

  1. Oh Anne {{{{hugs}}} I’m so sorry that you’re not feeling well. Take it easy and get plenty of rest. Don’t worry about catching up with blogs either – we’ll all still be around posting when you’re feeling better.

    I’m sorry to hear about Tobie too – I love reading her blog and seeing her wonderful stitching and sewing projects. I’m sending her lots of good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

  2. Anne…

    I hope that migraine disappears soon, and you are feeling all better.

    That’s a darling project you’ve picked to stitch from your friend. Good thoughts being sent that she will recover soon.


    Myrna 🙂

  3. (((((((Anne)))))))

    So sorry to hear you’ve been so unwell… I hope that migraine goes away real soon. Nothing worse than a throw-up migraine.
    Karen is right, don’t worry about the blogs you don’t have time to read. How not to understand!

    Do take care… Sending plenty of hugs on your way!!

  4. You take care of yourself, Anne!

    I briefly tried out scrapbooking last time we were home on holiday. The album is cute, but it was very time-consuming, and expensive (as you pointed out).

    Love the M Designs thistle!

  5. Sorry to hear that you aren’t doing so well AnneS… I am glad that your mum got away alright… Don’t sit home and be sad – give me a ring and we will see if we can organise another lunch or sew together…Or even just ring for a chat I am always a bit reluctant to ring you in case I wake you…

  6. AnneS: hope you are feeling better soon. Those headaches are terrible!

    Lovely thistle design : ) I think you’ll have loads of fun working on it.

  7. Anne, do take good care of yourself and get rid of that headache!!
    The blogs will always be there and you don’t have to read them all – just enjoy the eye candy and start fresh. 😀

  8. That is a really good looking page for a first attempt! I agree with you, though, in order to really get into it, you need a goood bit of supplies. It’s a whole other realm of stash. I have lots, if you ever want some. 😉

    Now, about this migraine, dear, we will have none of that around here. I order you to feel better! *hug* Stick your head close to the screen for a second and let me talk to it… GO AWAY MIGRAINE! 😀

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