Finishing weekend

Well, I managed to survive my 3 days of ‘doggo’ shifts – but I don’t know how!! The night before I started my first one my adorable neighbour downstairs was playing his Rachmaninov (or other ‘heavy’ composer) orchestral music at full bore until after midnight – I just about sprained my shins from stomping on the lounge floor in fury … very very inconsiderate! When he plays it that loud you can feel the vibrations through the floor up here, and hear every note as if you were in the room with him. Then yesterday, while I was trying to sleep during the day, he cranked it up again – can’t blame him, though, as it was a Sunday afternoon after all … was still annoying to only get 5 hours sleep, as it made for a very very long night last night – then for some reason today I had the problem of not being able to sleep … I managed 4 hours sleep, and here I am – if nothing else, it’s given me chance to finally catch up on everyone’s blogs, and I’m up to date again … phew! Now thanks to Newsgator it will be really simple to keep track of blogs to read in the future 🙂 It’s probably a good thing I woke up so early today, as I should be so exhausted by tonight, that I’ll get back into a ‘normal’ sleeping routine again … well, that’s the plan anyway! Then I have tomorrow off before starting back at 11am again on Wednesday.

It was the designated ‘finishing’ weekend for the WFBB this weekend, concentrating on ‘smalls’ – in my hours before work I managed to frog out the wrong stitches in the border of the LB Spring needleroll (and found they had printed the whole leaf round the wrong way on the chart, not just printing it one space out!) … but now I have another needleroll for my smalls basket, as I did the finishing on it yay.

As for today, we were going to go out, but with me looking like Frankenstein’s Bride today I think the best thing is to just blob out in the front of the TV and stitch … I’ve been managing to get a few stitches done in the evenings of doggo shift (the only shift I can really stitch, as it’s much more casual with only about 12 of us in the office), inbetween fixing dramas with people calling from Vienna airport without tickets and quoting fares for travel out of London and a multitude of other problems … I actually do love my job on the Hotline 🙂 So, the plan is to get my Just Nan needlebook finished (it’s almost done already – just another couple of hours will see it completed in full).

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  1. Yay, Anne!! A new needleroll for the basket 🙂 It’s such a cute one!
    I hope this week is a good one for you and you caught a good night’s sleep!!

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