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I haven’t been blogging for a few days – to be honest, I haven’t been in the mood … just been chatting to Mum after work, and getting a bit of stitching time in. I’ve managed to get over halfway on the And Many More needlecase by Just Nan. I’m loving stitching this one, but Mum reckons it should be her initial in the centre of the circle instead of mine … hmmm looks like I might have lost my new needlecase already! The only thing that really annoyed me when I bought this kit, is that there are no finishing instructions whatsoever in it … mutter mutter mutter. You have to buy the instructions and finishing kit from another source – considering I don’t want to have prissy pink flowers on the inside of my needlecase (you may get the impression that I’m not overly keen on pink, and you’d be right LOL), I don’t want to go to the expense of getting the kit just to find out how to finish it. I’m not worried about finishing the needlepages like the petals of a flower, so I’m hoping I’ve got it worked out OK – if anyone can make a better suggestion for finishing, I’d really love to hear your suggestions! I figure I’ll finish it something like a bellpull, in that I’ll place the lining fabric on it (right sides facing), stitch around the outsides up both long sides and around the ‘point’, and leave the bottom short edge partly open – then I’ll turn it back the right way, finish off the bottom edge, then stitch oblong needle pages (made from wool flannel) along the edge where it will be folded … does that make sense? That’s my first attempt at working out how to do it.

I also forgot to post a piccie of another Lorri Birmingham needleroll I started in the last few days of December – I didn’t get very far, but it’ll go into the pile for finishing in 2006 (hopefully sooner rather than later!)

I also finally decided on my fabric and threads (well, most of them anyway) for my Apricot Elegance SAL on the StitchingSmalls Yahoo group – just for a change, I’m stitching mine in blues … still have to do a test stitch to see which will work out better on the fabric for the main satin motifs, either the Caron Collection Watercolours (my preference) or Wildflowers, both in Blueberry. The contrast is an overdyed perle cotton #8 by The Dyepot in NZ – I’ll either order a #12 skein from them for the weaving, or find a ‘normal’ thread in a turquoise to match (can’t find a PC anywhere that is just a nice turquoise colour boohoo). You probably can’t tell from the photo, but the perle cotton has a lovely mix of mauve, purple, turquoise etc – it’s really pretty. Just have to do the gridline basting this week, before the stitching begins next week – looking forward to seeing this one stitched up πŸ™‚

Am on the ‘doggo’ shifts after tomorrow so my routine will be out the window again – just love those shifts from 9pm-5am … not. Oh well, if nothing else, it means I have a full day to myself on Friday to stitch my little heart out. Hopefully after this weekend I can get back to my blogging habits too πŸ™‚

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  1. Don’t you just hate when they don’t include the finishing instructions with the leaflet? Cheaters! Your floss selection for the SAL is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see your project!

  2. The needlecase is so cute…I may have to order this from SN! I think that your finishing plan will work wonderfully…I can’t wait to see the finished result!

  3. It’s beautiful! Are you sure that you really want to give it away? πŸ˜‰ Sorry you have the bad shift this week. I hope you’re able the days pass by quickly! *hug*

  4. That will ge a stunning needlecase. I find more and more I’m attracted to these “smalls”.

    I love the blues you’ve picked out!!!

  5. Ooooo, Anne! You’re singing my song in your choice of colors for that SAL πŸ™‚
    I’ve missed your daily blog, but know that life happens to us all! Glad to get an update when you can and when you feel like it!
    Do you find your changing shifts all the time throwing your inner clock off, perhaps affecting you healthwise, or with your migraines? I remember when my Dad had the graveyard shift – it was bad for everyone, lol!

  6. Anne, the needlecase is lovely. I can’t wait to see the finished work, I’m going to stitch a needlecase for me and I like seeing new ideas.

  7. Hi Anne,
    just back from London and got a chance to read your blog…all the stitching is looking greaet, and I love the Xmas dress!!!!
    I will be updating our blog soon, so stay tuned! I have lots of stitching to do this year, and hope i can stitch as much as you!

  8. beautiful piccies today!! The needlecase is sweet – I’m sorry there weren’t any finishing instructions, though. How frustrating!

  9. Your needlecase is looking lovely Anne πŸ™‚ I would be annoyed about the finishing instructions too – not on, IMO. What you’re deciding to do sounds about right (although I’m not that familiar with this design).

    The colours for your SAL are very pretty – looking forward to seeing your progress!

  10. How irksome that they didn’t include finishing instructions. 😦 I think your plan sounds good, and I’ll be anxious to see how it turns out. I’ve never made a needlebook before, so I’m afraid I can’t be of much help.

    Are you doing the LB from a kit? If so, make sure to check your fabric size before you go too far (assuming you haven’t done that already). I’ve had simply awful experiences with her kits, including a NR that had too-small fabric… and I didn’t realize it until too late and now it just sits there, partially stitched, YEARS later. 😑

  11. I’m just an echo down here, but lovely needle case. And it does stink when they don’t include instructions. Although I thought it sounded like you have a plan that should work well. Sometimes you just have to experiment. You could try drawing up a pattern on paper before doing any cutting, just a thought. πŸ˜€

  12. Oh Anne! Your Just Nan needlecase is so pretty! I don’t even recognize that design! Is it an exclusive… or have I been hiding under a rock when it comes to Just Nan lately? (That is possible – I haven’t like her more whimsical little thingys lately)… have missed you!

  13. Oooooh, PRETTY! Your JN needlecase is beautiful! The colors of linen & floss you’ve chosen for your SAL are lovely as well, can’t wait to see how it’s looking.

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