A Quiz…

And now for something different … taken from Sharon’s blog:

The Wisdom
You reflect the wisdom of the spirit. You shine as
a wise and anicent sage who values intellect
among the most. Your spirit brings guidence to
those around you. You have accomplished your
strength with age and time. Don’t let your wise
advice go to waste. Share it with all who are
willing to listen.

Reflections of the Spirit?

1 thought on “A Quiz…”

  1. I’ve had trouble posting comments to your blog today! Blogger just won’t accept my word verification, and keeps giving me the same one. Yours is the only blog I’ve had trouble with 😦

    Anyway – I’ve loved your finishes and your “little” Christmas tree. I especially appreciate the thistle needlebook as it reminds me of the trip to Scotland/England my sis and I took in ’99! Way too much fun 🙂

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