Semi happy dance…

Well, I’ve had a fantastic stitching night/morning – and managed to almost complete another Christmas ornament … thinking I had all the buttons etc on hand, I figured I might as well get this one stitched before I start my first ever ornamentifying session … well, that was the plan! As you can see from the piccie, there is just one thing missing – the snowman’s carrot nose!! The one that turned up is too small, so now I’m not sure what to do – I can either place an order locally and hope to heck it turns up before Christmas … or satin stitch something instead (but I think I’d prefer to use a button) … or I could try buying some Fimo and make my own … has anyone tried to do this? Oh well, it still looks pretty good – it’s the first time I’ve changed the threads around to use what was in my stash … instead of using Crescent Colours (of which I don’t own any), I used Gentle Art Sampler Threads that I already had … instead of CC Apple Fritter I used GAST Cherry Wine, instead of CC Sassy Brass I used GAST Summer Meadow, and instead of CC Toasted Marshmallow I used GAST Oatmeal. The rest of the threads were as listed. It is a design by SamSarah Design Studio from the 2005 JCS Christmas Ornament issue. It was stitched on a small ‘Kiwi Pearls’ – a hand-dyed linen from Country Stitch. I’m pretty pleased with it all-in-all … just wished I could’ve finished it today …

Another great reason to have Mum come over for a holiday is that she’s bringing me black canvas for an upcoming project in the New Year – two canvaswork pieces by Jen’s Jems, a NZ designer … here’s a scan of the main threads being used – yup, they sure are bright!!! Hurry up and come over Mum, I’m dying to get starting on one of them!! 😉

Thanks for everyone’s comments about Mum’s tree – I’ll post one of my little baby one once it’s finished … I feel great today, so I might try and get a bit more done tomorrow – I had the Christmas tree lights on last night in the lounge while watching DVD’s … it was lovely 🙂 In fact I was enjoying myself so much, I nearly died when I looked up from my stitching and saw it was 2am!!! As for my migraine, thankfully it’s disappeared in its entirety – I’m not that good, Carol … I only stitched when my migraine was at its calming down stage – I started stitching which is what sent it over the top … so I just lay down and slept for a few hours, then tried again at night 🙂

It’s been a great relaxing couple of days – with a very eclectic mix of DVD’s to listen to while stitching … League of Gentlemen (very sick English comedy series – hilarious but twisted sense of humour!), Tears of the Sun, Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Men in Black 1 and 2 … yep, a woman of variation, that’s me 😉

Hope everyone is having a good week …

(Edited to add Christmas tree piccie)
Well, here it is – I decided to just bite the bullet and get it finished so I can get the box of ornaments off the sofa … here’s my baby version of Mum’s – kinda like a ‘mother and daughter’ set of trees haha. It’s a bit dark ‘cos I tried to get the lights showing up – looks quite cute in the corner of the room 🙂 I guess it must nearly be Christmas – it’s starting to really feel like it! 😉

5 thoughts on “Semi happy dance…”

  1. Your snowman looks really cute Anne! You chose great colours and they really pop on that fabric.

    Glad you got some quality stitching time in!

  2. How cute! It’s great to know you’re feeling better and your writing sure makes it sound like it! Those threads for your black canvas project are so yummy!

    And honestly, is there anything better than stitching while watching DVDs? 😀

  3. And this what you call a baby version?? Wait till you see mine! Mine must be a foetus version then!

    Seriously, it’s very pretty! Love how you decorated it. Hugs!

  4. Love your finishes, and the Xmas tree looks great. Those threads sure are bright – can’t wait to see what stunning design you’ll dazzle us with!

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