Stash report & WIP

OK, here’s the stash report from my Nordic Needle haul … have to admit, I wasn’t as thrilled as I thought I’d be when I opened it – I think I’ve just been waiting so long for it to arrive, it almost feels like an anti-climax … weird, I know – I’m such a strange creature! 😉 The one piece that kept taking my eye all night, though, was Thea’s “Close at Heart” chart – too beautiful!! Anyway, here’s the piccie, as well as a list of the charts:

  • Onyx – Blackwork Beginnings Series by Paw Printings
  • Orca Whales – Peter Underhill’s Marine Creatures
  • Butterfly Garden Sampler by The Victoria Sampler
  • Close At Heart by The Victoria Sampler
  • Bruce (the Spruce) & Friends by Full Circle Designs
  • Sapphire Star (canvaswork) by Laura J Perin Designs
  • Spring Needle Roll kit by Lorri Birmingham
  • Butterflies & Hearts Needle Roll kit by Lorri Birmingham
  • Teddy Bear Santa mini stocking kit by Lorri Birmingham
  • 18ct mono canvas in eggshell for Sapphire Star
  • Piecemaker tapestry needles (2 x #26; 1 x #28)

And here’s today’s progress piccie for Summer into Autumn – thanks for everyone’s lovely comments on my progress so far … greatly appreciated :)) I had to frog stitch one strand of the overdyed silk due to a blonde stitching moment from reading the chart wrong … and I’m also thinking of unpicking the tree foliage, as I think I’d prefer to confetti stitch it, so it doesn’t have the really distinct lines. I’m a bit annoyed that the kit contents stated the MH glass treasure in the shape of a maple leaf was supposed to be included … it’s not to be seen! I mentioned this as soon as I received it to Stitching Bits & Bobs, and they’re going to send me one as part of my back-order when it comes in.

9 thoughts on “Stash report & WIP”

  1. See, I told you it was a quick stitch! 😉 You’re making fabulous progress Anne – it looks really pretty. Great stash haul too! 😉

  2. Nice haul, girlfriend! And trust me, I know what you mean about it being anti-climactic. If you think you like Close at Heart just from the chart photos, make sure you check out my photo gallery, too. I stitched it this summer on green fabric and it is SO yummy! Of course, that was with the pink accessory pack, so you’ll have to wait until I do it again with the purple acc. pack. 😉 It was fun and a pretty quick stitch. The hardanger squares at the bottom were a little intimidating at first, but you just have to jump in and try it!

    Summer into Autumn is beautiful. It looks like you’re almost done?

    I’m slowly catching up on blog reading… only 102 posts left to wade through! LOL

  3. Very nice additions to your stash, Anne! I had to check the VS website and Jenna’s photo to see the Close At Heart design and I think that one would be at the top of my list to start in the New Year!! It’s so pretty it brings a tear to my eye 🙂

  4. Hi Anne!
    Re your comment on my blog today – Be sure to start with Ender’s Game, then you have the background to better understand Speaker 🙂 I think you’ll be wild about the whole series.
    My husband will often request an inter-library loan of books/cds/movies that our local library doesn’t have. Sometimes they just buy them! Everyone knows him there, lol!

  5. Hi again I noticed Butterfly Garden in your new stash! My favorite design of Thea’s. Read the dedication paragraph.


  6. What great new stash. I just took a peek at my CC bill and I about fell over. It doesn’t seem like it is that much when you order it, but it certainly adds up. I especially like those needlerolls–I really need to stitch more of them!

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