Those darned sidebars are conquered…

Well, sorta, anyway … I just spent the last couple of hours working out how to make thumbnails of my ‘finished’ piccies – and then getting them into my template. Not sure how to get rid of the little ‘arrow’ thingies next to each line, but I don’t care about that … I have PHOTOS!!! Woohoo!!! So I went a bit mad and added quite a LOT of photos of my finished pieces this year … not the entire 20 I’ve done, but my fave pieces anyway. Crikey, you forget how much stitching you’ve managed to complete until you go back and look at the album … rightio, now I’ve gotta get away from this computer chair and get some housework done, which has been seriously neglected of late due to my headaches etc – then a bit of stitching, seeing I got nothing done yesterday. In closing, all I’ll say is “Take THAT, you pesky sidebars!!!!!”

2 thoughts on “Those darned sidebars are conquered…”

  1. Golly, Anne, after all your hard work I hate to tell you that the piccies aren’t displaying. Templates can be maddening, but don’t despair!

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