Trying another rotation…

Well, I’ve decided with my weird hours at work and the ensuing flagging energy levels sometimes, that my planned rotation of having a day set aside for different projects isn’t working too well. After doing some research (web-surfing), I thought I’d try a set time rotation. I think it was Tannia early on in my first blogs that suggested a certain time frame for each project, and initially I thought it was too constrained for me – but the more I think about it, the more I think it would suit me better for my current lifestyle … so I figure I’ll stitch my projects for 10 hours each, before moving onto the next one – at least that way every project gets some stitching done on it regularly, rather than skipping days and weeks at a time. So, my first rotation plan is as follows:

  1. Dolphins XS
  2. Chatelaine’s Egyptian Garden
  3. UFO’s (free choice or random – not sure yet)
  4. Dolphins XS (wanna get this finished!)
  5. Smalls/Ornaments
  6. Mirabilia’s Winter Queen
  7. Dolphins XS
  8. Finishing items (putting needlebooks etc together)
  9. Free choice

I’ve been sick all yesterday and today – so it’s been a good chance to blob out and just ‘surf’. I’ve been suffering from a migraine headache since I found out about not getting the job … I think the tension from that, plus the fact I’ve had a sore throat the last couple of days, got my immune system down – my headache was so bad I wanted to throw up, then I got the sweats followed by chills, and to top it all off I’d had chilli con carne the night before, and had excruciating pains compliments of my gallstone troubles (even though this was ‘prime’ mince, obviously I can’t eat that either!) … so, all in all I was feeling very sorry for myself – and ended up in bed almost all day … but got up at midnight after not being able to sleep, and surfed for almost 6 hours – almost like being at work on the night shift LOL. Anyway, just a bit bunged up today, and the headache is more manageable – so I might try and get a bit of stitching done today. Only one more work to go tomorrow, then I have my 5 days off – I think I need them to recuperate!