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Mum will see my new name, and probably smile, knowing where the new title is coming from … not actually from the stitch itself (feather stitching is NOT one of my fortes) – but rather from the fact that I am duck crazy!! My ex flatmate was considering charging all my ducks rent, as they were ever increasing in number LOL. I don’t know what it is, but I just adore them … there are few things that bring such a sense of peace and joy to my soul than watching ducks on the water, or just waddling around – Mum will attest to the fact that I can’t resist them whenever they’re in sight. I also have the knack of being able to spot a duck at a 1000 paces – even while driving haha.

When I first started the idea of blogging, I hadn’t given any thought at all to my blog name, until I started filling the form out – it never really felt ‘right’, but I didn’t have time to think about it too much. Since then I’ve been trying to work out how to bring my two loves together in the name – ducks and stitching. One that came to my mind while driving to work was “Ducks of a feather stitch together”, or “Stitching on the Pond”, or “Stitching by the Canal” (more to do with my new living location more than anything else) … but all of a sudden tonight the simplicity of this title just jumped out, and seems to have stuck!

I’m also thinking of getting my blog designed properly … and have some ideas of what I want included – now I’ve found a new name I’m relatively happy with, I feel as though I can start making progress on my plans … doesn’t look like much stitching is going to get done tonight hmmm. So far, though, I think there has to be some paua shell in the background (my absolute fave colour is blue, and it gives a link to my NZ home), plus a compulsory duck in the title – with the wording perhaps done like it was carved from bone, again reminding me of my home … oooh, decisions decisions. Maybe I should just hand these ideas over to the experts and see what they can come up with … then I can get back to stitching haha.

Thanks everyone for your comments about my dratted Christmas ornament thingo for my workmate. Nicola, your comment about having a subliminal message stitched into it absolutely cracked me up! I have to admit, I’ll finish these pieces – I can’t bring myself to give them back, seeing as I’d agreed to do it (Mum, why did you bring me up so politely?) … but I will make a comment when I finally get them completed that I wouldn’t have made them if I’d know she could stitch. Never mind, you live and learn, I guess. Luckily they’re not too big – and at least the Winnie the Pooh bookmark can be stitched onto fabric and put into my scroll frame/lapstand to make it easier to stitch. I’m certainly not busting a gut to get them finished, though – if I don’t feel like stitching on them, my other stitching will take priority …

Here are a few of my fine feathered friends that share my abode … the ‘bigger’ ones aren’t in the photo – but there’s basically a big one that sits on my bed, one that sits on the sofa arm, and one that is a draught stopper – along with a leadlight one that hangs in the kitchen … I just can’t stop myself – anytime I’m away and see a new duck, it’s just gotta ‘come home with mama’ LOL.

4 thoughts on “Change of Blog Name”

  1. You must come over to visit me some time, Anne. Eltham has quite a few pairs of resident ducks. We have a pair living on a property at the top of our street, and every year they proudly produce a dozen dear little striped ducklings. There are signs on the side of the road to warn people that ducks cross the road at that point, and everybody is aware of them, and drives accordingly. There are also several pairs that live on parkland right on the Main Road, with traffic whizzing by all day. But again, most locals know about them, and when the ducks decide to take their family for a stroll across the road, the cars stop to give way to them. It is so cute!

  2. Nice change of name A… Although I did like ‘stitching shack’…It takes awhile to find the name that is just you doesn’t it… I had quite a list but this latest one descibes how I am feeling …

    Looking at your ‘feathered’ collection I would say that you have an ‘addiction’…

    Yes I agree with G’s comment we must try and all get together somehow… Whether it is here at my place – or over at G’s… Compare obsessions… Did I say that????

  3. Cute duckies! I’m glad that you were able to nail down a name that you feel good about. Takes a while, doesn’t it? I went through the same process. 🙂 Sounds like your creative thinking hat is definitely on now. Should pay off in your blog design!

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