Stitchaholic’s Anonymous

Mum, you can tell me off later … but as you know, I AM a stitch-a-holic and I won’t change. My grab bag I recently ordered by a NZ store, Country Stitch, just arrived in the mail today – what a feast for the eyes, the colours are stunning! I really love them. I bought a grab bag of hand-dyed fabbies, as well as 2 separate “Kiwi Pearls”, which are samples or one-offs … yippee, today is good! Unfortunately the photo doesn’t do the colours justice …
While looking through my stash of fabric, I noticed it is almost all white/off-white … not real ‘pizzazz’ to it – well, I’m going to change all that. These pieces are probably big enough to do my small pieces such as needlerolls and pincushions, which is what I fancy stitching at the moment, so it is my little stitching treat to myself, seeing I won’t be able to afford to do it very often. And boy, oh boy, it felt good to check my mailbox today and find that little slip saying “a parcel is waiting to be picked up” – yippee. And I’m also arranging a trade with a lady in the USA for the latest 2005 JCS Ornament issue, in exchange for some Aussie threads or Inspirations magazine. Life is good … happy dancing here just for sake of it – not ‘cos I’ve finished any stitching, just happy dancing ‘cos I wanna!