Blogger photo not working

Sorry, I tried to insert my photos like usual in the right places among my text … but for some reason Blogger is sooooo sloooooow tonight, and it won’t upload photos correctly … in the end I gave up and used Picasa to upload them instead. I added text comments so that they’ll at least relate to the script below it … Now I’ve wasted most of the night trying to upload these darned things, I don’t have time to stitch hmmm. Oh well, I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow night instead.

1 thought on “Blogger photo not working”

  1. I’ve been annoyed by the same problem. So, I opened photobucket. Not sure why blogger has been sluggish.

    Lovely pattern. I bought the patrick’s Woods / threadwinder case pattern — and laugh because I rarely use floss bobbins ; )

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