The end to a good day

I forgot to post earlier that I also treated myself today – to a new Canon bubblejet printer. And the first thing I did was to print off the album pages for my last 4 small finishes to add to my printed stitching album. On each page I include a photo of the finished piece, plus information on the design/designer, dates started and finished, any specialty threads/stitches, the size of the piece (either cm or stitches), and any comments I want to make. It’s really nice to flip through the pages every now and then to remember what achievements I’ve actually made.

To top the day off, I just played on the computer – no stitching done today, which is a bit bad, but I did something else instead … I scanned photos of pages in my stitching magazines that I’d like to stitch. So often I’d have to flick through magazine after magazine that I own, just looking for ‘something’ – now I’ve scanned a photo of the project itself, and posted into a Word document, along with the issue and page number, so now I’m super organised haha. Oh well, even if I never use it, I had fun!!

It’s now time to turn in for the night, after a most relaxing and rewarding day. At least tomorrow and the next week I’m on reasonable shifts, and just working 8am to 4pm … it will be bliss going to work and coming home both in daylight! And it means my sleeping patterns should be a bit better this week … which bodes well for stitching 🙂

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